Unlimited GitHub Private Repos for Free Accounts

Starting tomorrow (8 Jan), all GitHub accounts have access to unlimited private repositories with up to 3 contributors. Interesting decision as that was likely a big revenue stream from users wanting private repos.

Reminder that Microsoft owns GitHub now, so perhaps this is a move to shift the focus of paid GitHub services to enterprises instead of individual developers.


Note: this story was scheduled for tomorrow, but due to a broken embargo, we decided to publish today. The updates will go live tomorrow.



Ah, that is interesting. That was always frustrating, and also another reason why I started using gogs in the first place. Perhaps they’ll entice some coders back into the fold.

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I bet they will.
We’re not talking about a startup that we’re not sure if we can trust their infra. It’s microsoft, people expect them to handle the infra well and won’t be afraid to have the plug cut and their projects buried.

Free, reliable infra supporting a well known, and cherished (?) software. Beats having to setup your own systems, backups and whatnot.

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Yep, cancelling my subscription first thing tomorrow morning.

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They made $400 from me since 2015, solely for the private repos. Weird that they’d throw so much revenue away (maybe it isn’t as much as I imagine) like that.

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Not surprised, been waiting for it. (altho i was kinda expecting it sooner after the buyout)

pretty much every other alternative offers them, even Azure Repos, and its one of those things that will not cost them much, but will let normal users use github better, and keep them on the platform

and its not like it will affect their enterprise costs too much due to the 3 contributor limit on them


Next, we’ll figure out how to use GitHub as unlimited Plex storage :wink: /s


1Gb of bandwith/account/month and 1Gb of space, not sure about movies but as a music player it might work for bit (Googling; spotify hq song is 320kbs, thats 115mb/h so around ~8.5hours/month, excluding the initial bandwith to upload it)

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Ahh… wasn’t aware of these limits :slight_smile:

But you can create unlimited repos.

I couldn’t even store a single ISO within one of those. Unless you could somehow build an array from all of them and store parts in each. Either way, this would be ridiculous and a complete waste of time :sweat_smile: It would be fun to try it out though.

if im not mistaking, the docs say its per account, rather than per repo

also correction, pushing wont take bandwith, only downloading will,
but also pushing 250mb file, and making a 1 byte change and pushing that will at the end count as 500mb storage (makes sense in a way) also if im reading it right