Ultimate VPN Speedtest: Comparing Windscribe PRO, Ivacy, FastestVPN, PIA, NordVPN OpenVPN UDP speed


I know, this thread already exists elsewhere but who says that the other place is the place to stay or that Hostballs doesn’t deserve its’ own discussion regarding this topic?! :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, here goes:

So in this video I run a OpenVPN UDP speedtest from 5 VPN providers:
Windscribe PRO, Ivacy, FastestVPN, Private Internet Access and NordVPN.

Speedtest Servers used:
Germany: 10G Servers (Nuremberg)
Japan: 20G OPEN PROJECT (Tokyo)
USA: ISPnet (New York)

For that I tested 3 locations (Germany, Japan, USA) from each provider with their respective openvpn config and run 3 tests per location and provider always to the same Speedtest Server in the respective location. I then calculated the average Download/Upload/Ping per provider and location and also noted the individual results of each test run.

The results can be seen in the end of the video as I doubt you wanna stick with it for another hour.

Of course not everything is about speedtests when comparing VPNs. Features, logging policy, country of company origin, support, pricing etc are important as well but thought this would be interesting to compare :slight_smile:

Needlessly to say these results are not set in stone and will obviously vary on the servers resource usage etc. They are but an estimate.