[App&Browser Extension Video Review] Ivacy, FastestVPN & VPNUnlimitedAPP Lifetime

To make for an easier choice about which one of these typical 3 lifetime VPNs you should choose, I have recorded the respective Windows Apps, their features and the Browser Extensions (chrome).
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Disclaimer: Speeds may vary. This is more about showing the different apps. You’ll also see why FastestVPN is the cheapest of the bunch.
While FastestVPN only appears to have good speeds in the browser extension and the App appears to deliver shitty speeds (at least in this test), my experience has been (as shown in my speedtest review of many vpns) different, however, since I normally use OpenVPN. In this video I am using the original windows app which can be worse. Speeds with NordVPN in their App were also worse than with OpenVPN


5 Years for 12$

Lifetime (no code can be applied lol)
Get Lifetime 1 device for 12$

Ivacy Lifetime Deal says:

After 5 years, please reach out to [email protected] to renew your subscription free of charge

That’s just shady, would never choose such a provider.

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I’ll see how it works out once I get to that point.
Probably in place to clean out inactive users…then again they bought lifetime access…hmm, well. They have confirmed in chat, however, that they’ll renew it free of charge. If you wanna take another PureVPN reseller could also take FastestVPN lifetime. Their lifetime license shows as “once”. No need to contact support here. Still in doubt? Opt for the 5 years/12$ and benefit financially speaking after the first few months.

All VPNs and password managers are shady/scammy, I don’t even understand how they’re a business model nowadays. They’re doing the exact opposite that you originally wanted to do in most cases. Oh well, been saying this for years now, nobody ever learns.

Let’s share your data with third parties, and let them risk a data leak too. Sounds nice to me.

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I have heard many VPN providers are running by Chinese government, for honeypot their own people. No one has been arrested for this as far as I know.

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You forgot the mob, 3 letter agencies of 182 other countries, and individual criminals.

Best way to not become a person of interest is to blend into the crowd, instead of seperating yourself out of that crowd and become that minority using a VPN.

Compare it with robbers robbing a bank using the most popular car in the most popular color, or using a 1970 red Camaro… who do you think has a bigger chance to end up in a car chase video ?

I’m assuming you’re excluding self-hosted open source software from that statement? :stuck_out_tongue:

Somewhat correct. Don’t wanna derail this topic, we will have plenty of opportunities to discuss this a lot more in the future.

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