SoYouStart | GAME-1 & GAME-2 | 30% Off RECURRING

In case anyone is interested, thought I’d share the sale here.

SoYouStart is running a special on their GAME-1 and GAME-2 boxes in their BHS (Beauharmonois, Canada) and GRA (Gravelines, France) DCs. The 30% off discount is recurring. I’ll say that again, the 30% off discount is recurring! This is the first time I’ve ever seen OVH do a recurring discount on any of their products (not counting kimsufi flash sales), so this is pretty neat.

US/CA Link - Game server rental - Minecraft servers - So you Start
EU Link - Serveurs dédiés, serveurs Bare metal performants | So you Start

Specs -

$34.30/mo (after discount)

$41.30/mo (after discount)

I had a GAME-1 in BHS for roughly 6 months for running game servers for a small community. Was paying $50/mo at the time. Didn’t have any major issues, but ultimately migrated everything over to Choopa for better network/hardware. This sale convinced me to buy a GAME-2 to set up some secondary servers and possibly branch out some more. Shame I let all my IPs go when I cancelled the server, but the one-time IP fees are hard to get upset about.


Sweet discount. Better than their BlackFriday/Cybermonday stuff.

I would get it, but then again it would stay idle 24/7

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You could always mine with it to bring down the cost until you find a purpose for it :stuck_out_tongue:. Probably would knock $10 or so bucks off of it.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing, I may actually grab one of these.

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If anyone is interested in splitting a GAME-2 in France let me know :wink:

would the company get mad if game server gets used for web site?

I doubt anyone would ever know/mind.

Nope, they’d be fine with that. The only thing that makes these servers a “game server” is more targeted ddos protection for certain games and the high-clocked i7 processors. Ultimately they don’t care what you’re running as long as it’s legal :slight_smile:

Just got one of the GAME-2 series, installing OS on it right now.

Shame there’s just one drive though, forces me to only use it for its computing power and not much else.

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Yeah, that’s true. One strategy might be to install proxmox, set up one big kvm, and use your included ftp space for snapshots. If shit hits the fan and you need a new drive, just reinstall proxmox and restore your latest snapshot. You’d be back up and running in no time.

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Yeah, good idea.

Hurray! SMART showing just 1% wearout on the SSD :upside_down_face:

With how many hours on it?



Oh hay, You got to install the os with the web console? Cause if that is the case then that is real lame because web consoles are not accessible due to the fact that they are images.

Close to mine – 10983 hours :slight_smile: though looks like my drive got quite a bit more wear (down to 44 for wear leveling count), but is a nice enterprise Samsung SSD so I’m not worried.

Yep, can only install OS via their control panel, no IPMI or anything like that unfortunately. They have a good selection of images and you’re able to customize the partitioning to you liking, though.

What’s so wrong with installing the OS via their web console? Considering KVM costs extra to use on SYS.

The problem is that most companies I have experience with so far code their web console as an image which is not accessible to screenreading technology or use the html5 canvus. Very annoying for me. It wouldn’t be a problem if actual text was present.

Now not all of the control panel is a problem. For example, in Hetzner, I can easily make an order, arrange projects, and modify settings and pay. But I can’t use the web command line thing because it’s like a giant interactive image.

It’s all automated, there’s no vnc/live view if that’s what you’re describing.