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We understand how complex it is to find a server provider, especially when you have certain requirements such as Bitcoin payment, DDoS protection, Native IPv6, etc. This is why we’ve launched Server Hunter. Now you can easily browse and filter through 10,000+ virtual and dedicated servers from hundreds of providers across the globe.

Since we only just launched our new design, we really need your feedback to improve our website. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make the website easier to use.

Check it out here:

Thank you!


Your site is awesome! And thanks for being here! :slight_smile:

Can anyone price match this one?

That 250GB drive is calling my name, and the price is just so cheap.


*laughs in bullion*


First time visiting the site on mobile. Looks like the search filters are borked at least on Firefox on Android -

What a bargain!


Fortunately, we also have 10,527 offers that are cheaper than this one. :smiley:

Thank you for letting us know. We’ve just fixed it and hopefully, it’s all good on your end now. :slight_smile:


We’ve just launched a new feature, provider reviews! If you are or were subscribed to a VPS or dedicated server, we encourage you to rate your server provider on

To submit a review, first, make sure your provider is listed on our website by filtering through ‘Provider name’. Next, click on any offer showing on the search result. Then, click on ‘View all reviews or add your own’. Make sure to rate your provider accordingly. It would be much help to our growing community to learn about the price, support, performance, and reliability of your provider.

Can’t find your server provider on our website? Just submit them here:

Thank you! :slight_smile:


We’ve added new features and offers to Server Hunter this past week! If you want to be the first to know, check out the #changelog channel on our Discord. It’s also the best place for questions and suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Changelog for this week:

Don’t forget, you can still join our giveaway to win a 5-6 GB KVM VPS for an entire year. Just write a review about your (least) favorite provider to instantly earn 5 entries!

As always, let us know if there is anything we can do to make the site more useful. :smiley:


Thanks, looks great. Saves alot of time :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, that’s our goal. Glad to hear that, thank you as well! :smiley:

Less than eight hours to go. This our last and final call for you to join ServerHunter VPS Giveaway!

Want to be one of the three lucky winners of a KVM VPS subscription valid for ONE YEAR? Then head to Server Hunter - Giveaway and claim your entries NOW.

Nexril FlowVPS ExtraVM
Price Free! 360 USD Free! 480 AUD Free! 360 USD
Memory 6 GB 6 GB 5 GB
Cores 3 cores 3 cores 2 cores
Storage 90 GB SSD 40 GB SSD 65 GB SSD
Bandwidth 6 TB 1.5 TB 8 TB
Location Dallas, United States Melbourne, Australia London, United Kingdom

Good luck to everyone! :slight_smile:


Turns out I won one of the servers! I want to give a big thanks to @ServerHunter for running the giveaway and for the website and even more thanks to Nexril, FlowVPS, and ExtraVM for providing the servers for the giveaway!


Just bought a RDP-plan because of your comparison-site. Thanks.

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We received your suggestions and we tried working on most of them. :smile:
Now, we would like to share with you the recent updates we’ve added on Server Hunter in February:

Lastly, we would like to congratulate the winners of our very first giveaway and would like to thank everyone who participated. :pray:t3: As always, let us know if there’s anything else we can do to improve the website. :slight_smile:


Keep the good work up! Awesome site :slight_smile:


Well made website… thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:


Small issue I noticed… If you filter by location = Australia, it shows Vultr’s $2.50/month package. However, both that package and their $3.50 package are not available in Australia, and the cheapest Vultr VPSes in Australia are $5 per month. I guess the site might not handle packages that are only available in particular regions.

We use the Vultr API to check which packages are available in which locations.
For example, the 96 GB plan only shows up in Toronto and Chicago:

Unfortunately, the $2.50 and $3.50 plans are not listed in their API. As mentioned in their documentation: Note: The $2.50 sandbox and $3.50 plan are not available in the API. That’s why we had to add them manually to our website, and since we can’t check availability, we added them to all locations.

At the moment, they only seem available in Atlanta. I’m checking with Vultr whether they can add these plans to the API so I can check which locations they are available in, but it’s unlikely.


I recognized your screenshot domain, and remembered where I know you from. You should poke your head in the door sometime :slight_smile: (my door is the entrance to a Q&A page now).

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