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For the time being, I’ve changed the Stock to “Unknown” for those 2 plans:

If Vultr ever makes them available in their API, we’ll update our site accordingly. :slight_smile:

I don’t get this reference, but I did meet Kamal in Tel Aviv a few months ago. :smiley:


Something new to announce today, instant notifications whenever a server comes back in stock. Whether it’s OVH’s KS-1, Online’s START-1-M-SSD or any of our other 12,000+ offers - we’ll monitor it for you and send you a message when it’s available to order. :smile:

To configure it, click “Notify me” next to any offer that is currently out of stock:

Then just paste the command into our Discord server and wait for it to come back in stock.

Let me know if this helped you out in any way. :slight_smile:


Have you visited Server Hunter lately? :smiley: If you haven’t, then we’d really like for you to see (and test) for yourself the latest updates we’ve added on the website.

Now you can:

We really hope these improvements enhance your experience in using the website :blush:
Feedback is, as always, encouraged. We wouldn’t be having half of these updates if it weren’t for your suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you! :pray:


We’ve been busy adding a lot more providers and a few thousand more offers, bringing the total to 17,350 servers. Other than countless small improvements and bug fixes, here are two of the major changes you might find useful in your future searches.

- Added CPU Benchmark scores to dedicated servers
We’ve added CPU Benchmark scores to make it easy to compare the performance between different dedicated servers. Right now, most ARM scores are missing, but if you have an idle ARM server we could use for benchmarking, let us know. :smile:

- Added GPU Names for servers with graphics cards
If you need a server with a GPU, you can now quickly see which GPU is included.

As usual, let us know if there are any changes that would make your life easier. :smiley: