Self-Hosted XMPP Services

Hi there. Shallow from Canada here.

I’m looking to setup my own XMPP services (server) on a small 128MB LowEndSpirit Debian 8 VPS. I don’t have a large social media presence, what I am trying to do is consolidate as many contacts to one messaging service.

I’m in Asia ‘frequently’ and have a lot of contacts there who use Line. I have a handful of contacts here in Canada that are still loyal to BBM(e). I have people that still send me SMS messages (jerks). I have sim cards from many countries I swap out frequently, so SMS is terrible to communicate with. I also communicate on Slack for an old EFnet IRC channel, and lurk around on Matrix and of course IRC still a bit (bitchx baby).

I would like to convince as many of my contacts as possible to use an app like Conversations or Xabber or any other XMPP capable client app they choose (I’m not familiar what’s available for iOS).

Anyways… On this VPS I have nginx and LE certs already configured. So far I have narrowed it down to the two seemingly most popular free choices for XMPP servers, Prosody and Ejabberd. I’m also looking at a fork of Prosody called Metronome.

Video calling would also be excellent as an add-on component, but I’m not sure how it works with/alongside XMPP. Through bridging perhaps? I dunno. For now I’m happy with a secure self-hosted messaging server to send #dick comparison pics to Ladyboys and death threats to co-workers.

Anyone with thoughts or experience installing and securing either of these services? (Experience with Ladyboys not required but any stories are totally welcomed).

I’m sorry I couldn’t be serious for a whole post or topic. @receivedthanks in advance.


Why XMPP? What about Rocket.Chat?

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Partly because I wasn’t sure about the resource requirements for Rocket.Chat or Mattermost or Synapse. I’m trying to do this on a low resource machine as mentioned. I’m starting with XMPP perhaps because…

a) I’m old in my ways.
b) I believe (without any proof) that XMPP is a lower resource solution. I could be proven wrong.

One other quirky reason is that some of my BlackBerry holdout friends still use PKB phones like the KeyTwo. Many of these chat apps for Android don’t have “enter to send” functionality, and it drives them crazy. I can’t please everyone.

No Ladyboy stories? That’s too bad.

Thanks for the reply.

  • Dual core (2 GHz)
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 40 GB of SSD

The above virtual configuration, when not over-provisioned by provider, can accommodate small deployments of up to 500 users, up to 100 concurrently active and moderate level of mixed uploads, sharing, and bot activities.

If you used @Hetzner_OL - this is just $3/month :slight_smile:




That is a decent solution. $3 a month is a bit much though (jk). I would have maybe 200 contacts tops with not nearly that many concurrent I’m guessing. Maybe I can convince Katie to join my Rocket.Chat group too.

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I thought xmpp was pretty dead and making people install xmpp client software was unpromising. Everything is web based now. I’ve been wanting to use nextcloud chat, though nextcloud is a bit of a resource hog and not so easy to set up. The text chat does work ok, though I never got the voice or video chat to work.

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Same here.

Also make sure your VPS provider allows this AND on your service line. While IRC is usually the “problem” chat software, some will outright ban anything that is IRC or whatever.

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For the most part, they say that so if anyone is caught running it and the system is attacked, it’s an instant “Go away” solution.

In my experience, any team I’ve worked with has never specifically killed someone off for running personal proxy services unless they were causing problems; if we get complaints, I’d usually null them until they responded and agreed to remove the software.

E: I used to run a few IRC-compatible proxies for multichat, myself, but they were highly pointless and useless for my needs, so I gave 'em up.


I think I remember BuyVM specifically saying low drama ircd’s were ok. LES cracks down much harder because the shared ipv4 means any trouble is likely to affect multiple users. @Neoon do you allow this on nanokvm? I actually might like to run one myself, for use by a few friends and family. But I can easily do it on my existing buyvm.

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@willie Should be not a problem, as long its not getting abused or a ip blacklisted.

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I don’t even think we got them in Canada. Another instance of American TV culture degrading a young Canadian mind circa 1989.

Yes, I have some plans for Nextcloud services and backups on some more powerful instances I’m collecting. I had NC13 on a previous VPS. Think they are maybe well past v16 now.

Try this XMPP server installer if you mind about security GitHub - openspace42/aenigma: The | state-of-the-art | secure-by-default | one-touch-deployed | XMPP server for everyone.

I tried months ago in a vps, but i do not have friend for justify the use…


Starred. Thanks I will definitely check this out.

Checking: “The only supported distros are Ubuntu 18 [bionic beaver] and Debian 9 [stretch]

cat /etc/issue
Debian GNU/Linux 8 \n \l

Maybe I should have stated that to begin with.

I can always test it out on another VPS I have. I was just hoping to use this particular VPS location.

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I currently have installed, configured and have running Prosody, but I cannot connect to it. I changed the default 5222 port to something else. Maybe iptables or ufw editing is required. I’ll tinker some more. Thanks for all the suggestions.

Wait, is this OpenVZ or something or why are you still running Jessie?

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Yes it is. Again maybe I should have clarified that in my OP. I’m trying to accomplish this on a 128MB Lowendspirit box. Again, it’s the location (Singapore) that’s suitable for me and many of my Asian contacts. If it’s not feasible on a LES box then I can get something else in .sg that is suitable, and utilize that box as long as I can for something else. Cheers.

I minorly revised your original post for clarity :slight_smile:

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