RIP HostBalls

The name was … odd. But it did grow on me!

Oh well … the new badge is cool!!!



My balls also grew on me.


@alento Change your title :slight_smile:


Huh, what??? How?

Ahh found it!!! :slight_smile:


I’m here to talk in a hosted environment.

Just be happy we don’t have a fucking rocket in our logo :laughing:


@Wolveix - could there be some white theme with the old beer logo?

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I think it defeats the purpose of the rebrand unfortunately, and it could confuse newer members.

I agree with this sentiment, although the ‘Old fart’ badge is also kind of “Ehh… what?” for newbs.

That said, LES really seems to have captured more of the sick-of-LET market because it’s virtually the same thing.

I’d be nice if we could stop splintering shit away and just get along.

Neah. Dividae et impera is much more interesting. This 2020 year and Chinese new year could not have started sensationally without some beautiful drama. Here it is: @Jarland fixed it; it’s not like it was broken, but he really felt like fixing it.

Other than being under lock and key with bat flu?

I really wish we had discussed the new name beforehand :thinking:


That is regrettable indeed, but I can not comment on that (not doctor). I am deeply sorry for the loss of lives in China, and I strongly believe there is no correlation between the 2 events.

This board has more to do with it’s administration, while the release of virus may be an unfortunate accident or an extremely bad intention (authorities will decide).

Well, freeforums was already taken.

Something more brandable, like :laughing:
spiel - an elaborate or glib speech or story, typically one used by a salesperson.

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At least now the name has far less relation to this:


Name change for 2021 ideas?

So the idea was sort of a play on r/selfhosted. I wanted that mental association. It’s kind of the perfect example of a place that I’d like to see more people join from. It’s easy for us to get industry insiders, I’d like to get more people who are interested in moving away from the major SaaS players to self-hosted or alternatives, of course that’d be great for someone like you as a strong SaaS player but not one of “the big names.”



Ugh, I hate it. Forget I said that.