Recommended WordPress Plugins?

We all know there are lots of shitty wp plugins. This thread, however, should focus on those that you have used yourself and can recommend whole heartedly :slight_smile:

The ones I can think of are:

Updraft Free for scheduled Backups.

AIO WP Migration for one click backup&restore of wp Installations. There are numerous ways how to increase the maximum import size without having to pay as it’s easily hackable in a single code file. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind paying for plugins I like but this single feature is easily editable in a file.

Divi Builder: ElegantThemes Divi Theme&Builder is a great bang for the buck and comes with lots of premade layouts :slight_smile:

WP Server Info Shows some nice info.

W3 Total Cache Caching.

PHP Compability Checker Just works.

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pretty good !


I’ve been using that one too some time ago. It’s great! Also Lazy Load plugin helps a lot :slight_smile:

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Not a WP plugin but Pinegrow can help you convert HTML themes to WordPress Themes :slight_smile:

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Looks also nice :slight_smile:

Would be nice for non dynamic WP sites that I created with Divi builder :slight_smile: Might boost speed^^

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“Might” ?

I’ve seen some dramatic increases, as all those blocking db requests get skipped.

These days, people are looking for static site generators (Jekyll / Hugo), but making Wordpress static is just the best of both worlds. The functionality factor is just way higher.

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Yeah. And I really love wp site builders like Divi <3 Being able to then convert back to HTML is awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

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Divi has an article on this too :slight_smile: They use the same plugin (it was just named differently before apparently): How to Generate a Static HTML Copy of Your WordPress Website

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Looks like a nice combo.

Static (zipped) content with minimized but still good looking images, hosted on our favorite fast slice running Litespeed with LScache.

And a good SEO plugin to top it off.


Or on 9$/year Hostmantis shared :stuck_out_tongue:

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and… add this too… now you got the best of all worlds

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Hostmantis is on the partner page of LiteSpeed, they use it extensively for shared hosting

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I’m getting $16.48 /yr for entry package… you got a coupon for $9/yr ?

I think it was 80% off back then. NY80 or smth like that?

New to WordPress so I have no favs.
I’m starting of with…

Framework: Genesis
Backup: Akeeba Backup
Improve Security: Akeeba Admin
Slides: Smartslider 3 Pro
eCommerce: WooCommerce + Several Addons

All but the WooCommerce I use their Joomla version for a number of years now, and trust the developers.

But I saw people referring to this site; gplvault .com
So that will make it cheap to test WordPress plugins… Don’t have that luck with Joomla… so one point for WordPress.

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Even better : coupon code is NY2019

$3.30 a year for cheapest package :wink:

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Holy shitz… how good are they? [hostmantis)

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pretty good

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and… free SSL… no upselling crap like many others

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