Is anyone using them?

What’s the consensus?

Pretty good.

Using them for like 3 years now, very solid.

I have been using them since the very beginning. Works flawlessly. Its a really reliable provider.

I had over 3 years of uptime on a 128MB OVZ plan with them until the spectre/meltdown stuff. Now my uptime count isn’t as high but the service is still rock solid.


I have been burnt a few times by paying annually with providers who are not necessarily cheap but provide crap support and rubbish excuses for when they go down (too often).

Now moved over partially to Ramnode recently. Will see how it goes. Happy to see the positive feedback.

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I use them already for 2 years without any problems, support is also very fast and good.

I can really recommend them.

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They have rock solid service since i use them for years.Also their recent shared hosting doing great!

One of the best.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a bad review about Ramnode.

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I think Ramnode is up there with BuyVM - pretty much always considered a safe bet. I used them way back in the day and they were always reliable.

BuyVM really?

What’s wrong with BuyVM?


Thanks guys

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@nick_a hi

Ramnode is awesome

Has your experience of support also been good?

Yes, certainly.

Any idea why on their shared hosting they do not offer naptime guarantee? Is anyone using their shared hosting and would care to share their views.