Assume you mean uptime?

I’ve had a reseller account since launch in September, no downtime or issues. Been a customer since late 2013/early 2014 - until recently I had a VM with 3 years of uptime, except for a couple planned network maintenance events which caused like 5-15 min outages while they did an upgrade.

Haven’t ever needed support for a technical issue, just sales & billing stuff or requesting a location change, and those tickets all got sorted out really fast.

Nah, he wants to make sure his hosts are well rested :stuck_out_tongue:


Shared hosting comes with the same 99.9% guarantee as the VPS’ as they run on the same infrastructure, realistically you’re looking at a minimum of 99.99% uptime - well worth it.

I’m using a reseller account with them since a couple of weeks. Support has been helpful and fast.

I was between KnownHost and Ramnode. Finally decided to use Ramnode because they seem less restrictive.

Keep in mind they have limited support for shared hosting. Something like 11am to 7pm (M to F). But there is always somebody answering tickets.

In what way did you feel KH was more restrictive?

KnownHost: “Each account is restricted from operating any back end services or servers that require a process to remain running for longer than 60 seconds.”

I usually take backups (website uses more than 40GB right now) or migrate things via rsync and I was afraid to be suspended because of this.

Also, IOPS are higher on Ramnode, but actually I’m not sure how much it affects me.

With Ramnode, I’ve got the feeling if I’m using too much resources, I’m going to have the time or a good conversation to fix the issues. I didn’t have that sensation with KH.

Talk to Chris here. There’s no way they would interfere with regular backups, which absolutely violate that policy in the way you and I read it. I can only conclude we’re not reading it in the way they intended.

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Just a guess - but I think they might’ve picked 60 seconds as a limit because that’s LFD’s default threshold before sending out a warning notification of a possibly abusive process. I’d think that if your backup process goes past that, they’d investigate further before throwing out any suspensions.

I’m a little late to the party here - it’s specifically target at people trying to run daemons for something like an IRC server, etc. We’re not going to go after anyone doing backups or normal things of that nature.

I see you have the Mailchannels logo in your shared reseller page, do all emails go thru mailchannels?