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I am looking for a website CMS like Wordpress. I want it for a feature website, and listing for my little projects here and there. The goal, is allowing me to fully use javascript, and full html where I please. Yet, be easily editable. I’d like it to be php, or html based.

Mostly, I am just trying not to use wordpress if I don’t have to.

Please suggestions! <3

How about

Seconded on htmly. It seems wildly mediocre but this took me like 10 minutes to make my static HTML website into a template for a blog:

Obviously some imperfections in my implementation but for virtually no effort I’m pretty happy about it. The templates are just HTML with PHP inserted at various points to fill in this or that variable, making them an easy target for tearing down to see how they did it as opposed to reading documentation.

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So you used that for

It allows you to easily add whatever HTML, JS, PHP you want to any page by simply adding a custom module, instead of a “widget”.

I find Joomla way way way cleaner than WordPress. Its just the admin board that just doesn’t look as good (and that will change with Joomla v4).

Edit: Custom module is just a blank canvas. That you assign to a position in the frond end template.

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I did. Was a pleasure for it’s simplicity. No idea on security though but… Runs on it’s own server and powering it down wouldn’t cost me any sleep :wink:

haven’t use them myself but from Kinsta benchmark review at The Definitive PHP 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, and 8.1 Benchmarks (2023) both CraftCMS and AnchorCMS look interesting from a pure PHP performance perspective out of the box compared to Wordpress

looks interesting thanks for sharing


That is the worst advice ever. Joomla is the CMS you want to avoid. Both from a security perspective and speed / resource usage.

I can’t agree with you here.
Joomla not only proven to be way secure than other CMS (hint hint WordPress), won already several awards in its category, is well maintained (as in regular bug/security updates), and it’s 3rd party extensions/plugins/modules/components market is looked after . A good example of the later is a developer getting kicked out of the market.

You sure you’re not thinking of Joomla 1.5 (soon after Mambo departure)?

I do not know Joomla that well, I haven’t used it much for years. I do use it often to do some small tasks for customers, and I gotta tell you, the amount of issues it has compared to WordPress, is crazy.

WordPress, not referring to the plugins. I’ve never seen an updated WordPress setup, vanilla, being compromised. The plugins are the issue. Though if you want something for production, I believe WordPress wins there.

It may be just a personal opinion/taste, though.

I think your customers are running an outdated, or awfully developed Joomla website. Probably both.

I know my way around Joomla, and been using it since version 1.5, which was not all that long since the team behind Joomla moved away from Mambo.

I can tell you that the evolution to 3.8 is nothing short of pretty darn amazing. And I’m itching for Joomla 4 which will be a native Bootstrap 4 and PHP7 CMS. (J3.8 is already PHP7 compatible, but works on top of 5.6. And its Bootstrap 2 even if you can run Bootstrap 3 with the right framework).

As for WordPress, whenever I work with a WordPress website, I hate how convoluted the templates/pages design/build are. Widgets everywhere and whatnot. Visual this, visual that… fk me…
Joomla is way way way way cleaner.

Where Joomla is currently losing is with the Admin UI, from the POV of a regular user. Something J4 is addressing as they had to give in to the reality that to speed up adoption by website owners, Joomla admin board needs to impress the website owner, instead of being easy for developers.

Another thing WordPress did better than all the others, was their approach to their demographics, they did it well, they marketed it well, and now they just live of their mass adoption that keeps bringing them people while other CMS’s have to actually fight for a share.

But I grant you that the biggest problem with any CMS is the compromised plugins/etc. And even if that was not enough of a security risk, there’s no shortage of people installing nulled plugins/templates/etc to save a few bucks.

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+1 for Joomla.

I’m surprised no one mentioned Drupal yet.

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The Joomla and Drupal mentions… triggering me like telling war stories to a 'nam vet.

Can confirm that accounts for all of my horror stories. I still avoid it like the plague and not because it’s bad, but because it’s like taking a knife to an old wound :stuck_out_tongue:


I went with HTMLy for the time being. Seems really nice.


Resurrecting this topic to share the following.
I have several Joomla websites sitting on an Aruba €1 vps. They all work pretty well (playgound, not production), I wanted to add a WordPress website to that collection… and the experience was horrible, slow as fuck on the backend, frontend was a little better.
1 point to Joomla.

Nobody else uses

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Wordpress isn’t strictly a CMS, is it?

Not sure where you’re going with this… do elaborate. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great, you might want to run some optimization across the images to drop down their file size.