[Poll] Which Domain Registrar(s) Are You Using?

Just curious what everyone’s preferred domain registrars are.

I am partial to Porkbun, as I’ve been treated very nicely there for the handful of domains I have with them. I’ve slowly transferred all of my domains out of Namecheap (which was the cheapest at the time I registered most of my domains) over to Porkbun. For the most part the pricing is just about the same (some domains are cheaper with Porkbun, especially after taking advantage of their promos from time to time), but the support is top notch.

Which Domain Registrar(s) Are You Actively Using?

  • 1&1
  • A2Hosting
  • Bluehost
  • Cloudflare
  • Domain.com
  • DreamHost
  • Enom
  • Gandi
  • Ghandi
  • GoDaddy
  • Google Domains
  • HostGator
  • Internet.bs
  • Name.com
  • Namecheap
  • NameSilo
  • Netim
  • OVH
  • Porkbun
  • Register.com
  • Other / Write-In

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Namesilo before, cloudflare and porkbun now

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I started with Namesilo when I transferred my first domain from GoDaddy ages ago. Recently I started using OVH for European domains that are not available on Namesilo. Price is good but support is non-existent.

I just heard of Porkbun after having quite a few domains already registered at Namesilo. Price is very close, so I couldn’t make myself moving them all across.

Would they start offering EU domains in the future I may consider consolidating everything with them depending on their prices.

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I use NameSilo. Tinkered with cloudflare but I regret that very much.

I am using OVH for UK domains but they are advertising £7.18 incl. VAT and charging £8.10+ (which they told me was the correct price) so I’m looking for an alternative.

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Just curious, why do you regret it? Haven’t really heard much about Cloudflare domains after the hubbub that they’re providing them at cost.

Just transferred a domain from Namecheap to Porkbun today and this email is so damn misleading –

received notification on 2/6/20 at 2:00:05 PM that you have requested a transfer to another domain registrar.

If you WANT TO PROCEED with this transfer, you do not need to respond to this message. If you WISH TO CANCEL the transfer, please go to our website [link removed]

If we do not hear from you by 2/11/20 at 2:00:05 PM, the transfer will proceed.

By the wording of the email, it makes it sound like you have to wait all five days before the transfer will go through. After being kinda irritated by this, I clicked the link that was included and on that page it prompted me to accept or decline the transfer from Namecheap → Porkbun. After accepting, the transfer was pushed through and completed in just an hour or so. By the wording of the email, I should have only clicked the link if I wanted to stop the transfer, not accept it.

I’m not really sure what they gain by doing this and holding up the transfer in such a manner, but it seems a bit deceptive to me. </morning rant>


NameSilo or any other domain registrar is just smoother I think. I transferred a few over and the pricing is good but there were just problems, invoices not appearing, nameserver glue confusion and not being able to transfer to another CloudFlare account. (I have a domain rightfully owned by @uptime but I’m still waiting for the functionality to transfer)


for obvious reasons … do.de

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there’s a set of ccTLD (European, mostly) not handled by those registrars except OVH, and I’m not entirely comfortable with OVH anyway
I tend to prefer smaller Italian or otherwise European no UK Regs for a good 80% of my domains
Not afraid to spread across multiple Registrars so far
Currently not using porkbun but can’t say anything bad about them
Namesilo is always a good and reliable solution
Cloudflare is good imho for semi-parked domains which are unlikely to be transferred or to be in need of a different authoritative DNS but inner inside you know you’re supporting the Empire’s attempt to build a Death Star

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Let’s consolidate the distributed internet… what could possible go wrong? :wink:


Whoops. Can’t edit it without erasing the results, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


So many hosting companies in the survey list! I do not consider them to be ‘registrars’ as they are all resellers!

Anyways, just curious why you included them as they are not registrars. @Mason

I’m not really fluent on domain registrars and whether they’re resellers or not (nor did I really feel like checking each one), I just listed the most popular ones and the names I’ve heard thrown around the most. Apologies for any redundancies/resellers listed :slight_smile:

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Makes sense! :slight_smile:

In the other category:

NetFirms (EIG yuck!) and yeah they are a reseller but not the webhost kind.
Domain Monster (RIP) recently bought by Reg 1-2-3

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I use domain.com, porkbun, and namecheap. I also have one domain with internet.bs for a TLD that wasn’t available elsewhere.

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https://domene.shop (NO)

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Internet.bs, Porkbun, Epik, NameSilo, and IIRC there’s a few I didn’t move out of NameCheap yet.

Edit: and Gandi.

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Previously used internetbs and gandi a lot, slowly moving to porkbun though I think. Got a few random domains at OVH, namecheap, and namesilo too. I also have a lot of random ccTLDs at small country registrars as I don’t have much choice often for them.

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