Plex People, do you use PlexAMP?

Like the title says, I was wondering if those of you guys who are using Plex for Movies/TV Shows, also use PlexAMP as your daily driver for listening to music, or are you using Spotify/YT Music/Prime Music/Apple Music et. al.?

Please shortly state why/why not :slight_smile:

I did for a while, and the app was at least quite good IMO.
Later on I decided that I actually needed the space more, as the music I was listening to was on Spotify anyways.

These days I’m using YT Music (because of Premium (as my kid HATES ads whenever he’s watching something)) and cancelled Spotify.
The app is quite a bit lacking in comparison with Spotify, but I can’t defend the cost of keeping the Spotify sub since I rarely get to use it these days and the music selection is pretty much the same on YT (at least what I found so far). :slight_smile:


Ah this is a good topic!

I currently use Spotify, but I hate that it’s costing me hundreds of £ a year when some months I hardly listen to it and their app is shit and can be very laggy.

I’ve been toying with the idea of sourcing all of my music (legitimately of course :disguised_face:) and then running some sort of self-hosted solution. I’ve just never had the time to actually do anything about it. I think the biggest thing I’d miss would be the ability to find (nearly) any song instantly. I don’t like the idea of having to source my music elsewhere and then import it as I know I just won’t have time. Not sure if there’s some automated way of doing this.

If anyone had a self-hosted setup please chime in as I am interested to hear what others are using too!


Same as @daffy basically. I used to self-host (using Airsonic, Plex didn’t have Plexamp back in the days) in combination with Lidarr, but for 2$/month I’m subscribed to YouTube premium family, so I just don’t bother anymore. For music, a single streaming service suffices, so I don’t feel the need to pirate it, especially not for the extremely low cost.

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Thanks for all the replies so far! :slight_smile: It’s really interesting to see how everyone is dealing with this. @Solaire 2€/mo for yt family via VPN I assume? :slight_smile:
I am always hesitant to get one of those YT Premium VPN deals, as e.g. my android phone and all my subs are powered/linked to my Gmail/Google account.
Do you then just add another user to YouTube (that of the vpn yt family)? Also, re-subbing all the channels and playlists would also be a pita in my case.

@daffy definirely seems like the best option in your case. The gf shares yt premium with a friend, so I’ve also seen YT Music, but I am with you in so far that I prefer Spotify app/discover :slight_smile:

@Will to be or not to be. That is the question haha :smiley:

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Yeah I used a VPN, I subscribed in India. The best solution if you don’t want to risk your account is simply creating a new Google account, add the family subscription to that account and then invite your “regular” Google account to this account’s family. I’m subbed on my “regular” Google account and have been for years, nothing happened and I doubt something ever will happen. Then again, Google is probably used to seeing loads of IP addresses and countries on my account since I travel a lot, so don’t take my word for it :slight_smile:

If it wasn’t for Google home I could just add you to our ‘family’ since I have a few slots left.


Ah, that makes sense. No worries, I’ll have a look and maybe try what you suggested (creating a new account) :slight_smile: Although, wouldn’t a new account these days also require another (indian) phone number at some point?

Using main Google acc is another option, but yeah…

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IIRC only if they detect abuse from your IP. And even if they require one, there’s services that will provide you with a number, no questions asked.

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Right, I have a 5sim account :smiley:

Gamsgo (which also offers to join flix family) offers to let you join yt families for 2,80€ without the need for any vpn, so that’s also an option.

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Never seen Gamsgo before, but it looks super interesting. If you buy YTP via them can you see how it handles showing your details to others like @Solaire has mentioned above? I also use Google home and I wouldn’t want people in my “family” to be able to see all of my info / call me etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just name and profile picture and mail address as long as you’re not the “manager” / “owner” of the family (source). If I were to create a subscription from an alt account and invite people there all would be fine, but I’m on a legacy price plan so I preferably won’t.

If you care (which I do understand), just set one up with other people from HB. We’re family after all :wink:

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Not sure, as I only used Gamsgo for Flix, but for that it worked well :slight_smile: Flix pw can be seen in dashboard and you get your own profile. If you buy 12 months in advance you get some extra discount :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe just try with a throwaway gmail account for a month and see what you can see about others.

What I like about gamsgo in general, that they take care of all the “management”, and I don’t need to fiddle with Indian vpn and trying different CCs to see which works with what. Granted a bit more expensive than if done yourself, but it’s cheap enough and really comfortable

They also sell IPTV to existing clients should that be of interest. It’s not shown on public page.

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Thanks both. Sounds interesting, I will have a look into it over the weekend!

@Ympker are you able to give the pricing for the IPTV? Thanks!

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I have been “downgraded” from VIP User (IPTV is only visible to VIP Users, which are users who purchased any other service from them in the past x days), so I can’t exactly say. I think it was along the lines of 8€/mo. Their live chat usually gives you 24h free trial no questions asked if you ask them regarding this :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice one, thank you!

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PlexAMP wasn’t out when I first started hosting my music and its never really seemed to catch up to other options.

I’ve been using Navidrome ( as the music server which will also do most of it’s functions over subsonic and the like for compatible clients. On android phone, I’ve been using Ultrasonic ( and on my linux desktop, Supersonic (GitHub - dweymouth/supersonic: A lightweight cross-platform desktop client for Subsonic music servers) lately, though just a browser tab works fairly well too. Can create playlists and have them sync’d to a phone or whatever device so I tend to just add new stuff to lists through my desktop.

I use Lidarr ( for grabbing music though I’m experimenting with Lidarr-extended ( currently which adds in deezer and/or tidal support to fill in the gaps automatically. It seems to have some interesting features but it’s also based on the dev version of Lidarr where I had been running stable, so I’m still trying to figure out if the bugs are from the extended or the dev part.

There are a few others I’ve heard about but not yet checked into - Deemon, deerix, lidarr on steroids, streamrip, orpheus-dl


I hadn’t come across this, I shall take a look :smiley:

I used to spend a considerable amount of time working on my music library, as I listen to a lot and I’m very fussy about music being tagged correctly and consistently (the hardest part given that most artists suck at tagging their music).

PlexAmp has come a very far way since it’s initial release, and I don’t particularly have anything negative to say about it anymore. With that being said, the biggest flaw with self-hosted music is new music discoverability: simply as it doesn’t exist. I listen to a lot of music, and losing this discoverability sucked. So I ended up seeking a paid solution

I pay for YT Premium through Argentina, so I tried out YT Music for a few months. While the experience is okay, it’s not particularly refined. In addition to this, they have this strange issue where you end up getting stuck within a closed-loop recommendations system, meaning discoverability plummets. It’s also pretty bad at recommending music that’s actually similar to what you’re listening to (understandably, metal sub-genres are a bitch).

I pay for Deezer strictly for easy music procurement for my own lossless library. I use a Go wrapper I wrote around a public downloader for Deezer to help clean up the downloaded music (e.g. stripping album version info from the album title, like deluxe edition). For anything I can’t obtain there (and there’s a lot of it), I’m in a certain RED private tracker which almost always has what I’m after.

For the past 2 years, I’ve settled on Spotify (paying for a family account with friends, cuts it down to £2.90/mo each). I don’t really have any issues with their apps; however, their group session implementation is God awful. I love to use it, either if I’m with friends for a barbecue or on a car trip. Unfortunately, it disconnects people randomly and all in all is just a terrible implementation. But as a platform, Spotify really can’t be beaten. Their discoverability is the best I’ve used, though I did have issues for the first 6 months. I listened to a specific artist a bit as a new album had released, and Spotify somehow always found a way to shoehorn that band into the mix of whatever I was listening to. I ended up unliking all of the band’s music in Spotidy for a while which seemed to fix it. I haven’t had the issue since :sweat_smile:

I don’t listen to my Plex music library all that often, but it’s nice to keep it there since there’s music there that can’t be found publicly anywhere else, and it’s all lossless.


I mainly use Plex for music, and I use Plexamp.
I tried quite a lot of options, but ended up choosing Plex. (Though buggy importing metadata, Plex gets it right after a few rounds, none of the others did. I tried quite a few options, should be an older thread/topic on this here.)

Paying for Spotify etc. never was an option, as I have too much music not available there. I moved to Plex when Google Play Music was end of life, since YT Music just didn’t work out well (couldn’t even browse by genre) …

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Just found out Prime Music got upgraded from 2 million songs to 100 million songs (before it was 2 million for prime members, and 100 million-ish for “unlimited” plans for like 8€/mo).
There is still an unlimited tier now, but Prime members now get 100 Million songs and no ads. Still can only shuffle, though. And I hate Prime Music App&Website. Very much prefer Spotify :stuck_out_tongue:

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Plex’s metadata is actually spot on, it’s usually that the media you have has inconsistent or wrong metadata. Hence why I wrote a wrapper to cleanup all downloaded music :sweat_smile: