Plesk Pricing

Hey guys,

I was checking the Plesk pricing and it really became so damn high.
It’s around 20.99 Euro at @Hetzner_OL but sadly we can’t use it on other machines I think.
The cheapest I have found except Hetzner for a normal licence is literally the price on the Plesk website 41 euro,… without mentioning the languages pack.

We are planning to start selling our services in Switzerland as well but the servers pricing is another thing there.
So does anyone know where I could get a pretty cheap Plesk licence with unlimited domains on dedicated servers?

Thanks for your help as always.

Which Plesk license are you looking for? I am always confused by the many names out there. Contabo has licenses for Plesk with 6,99€/mo, 9,99€/mo and 15,99€/mo.

The issue here is that it only works on their machine. I would need a Web Host licence for a dedicated node.

The thing is that we don’t do overselling so it makes our margin quite tiny. That’s why I am searching for a deal.

It feels like the days until they ruin your business plan are limited. I love Plesk but pretty soon their sticker price will look low compared to cPanel and they’ll adjust.

I’m using these guys for Plesk licenses for years now:

Mhmm interesting thanks for the info

@Jarland now that plesk is the same company as cpanel too… the thing is that directadmin is great but isn’t clear as plesk or cpanel at least at my taste


Just an idea how DA may work out for you: Technically, you (or more like minded people) could probably hire a freelancer to create a more intuitive DA “Skin” if you are of the opinion that the current one is not intuitive enough. I think they are on the right path though :slight_smile: The EvoSkin and another recently released one are getting there, I think :slight_smile:

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