People selling Hetzner servers at cheaper rates than Hetzner themselves

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Hi @Hetzner_OL , I recently came across 3-4 posts like these on social media and other hosting forums where people are selling Hetzner servers cheaper than Hetzner itself. The person in this post, I know him and he works in a Datacenter in India or apparently what he tells us. Does Hetzner have any partner program or kind of a tie-up with other datacenters/companies for providing cheaper servers than even what you offer? Any response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I believe there are ways to get slightly cheaper servers with hetzner but definitely not the kind of deals these guys are making. I think it’s probably a scam trying to get you to pay for an entire year of service (and get 6 months free). What’s going to happen is either you get no servers at all, or your servers work a few months and they disappear.

I know you can save 10% paying yearly with bank transfers. I think there might be resellers that rent servers with 0% tax so it’s cheaper for them. Not too sure if there’s affiliate/bulk discounts though. (Probably a maybe if it’s really a lot of servers)

Really??? I think I am gonna go annually if this is the case…

I didn’t know about this either! But found it in their documentation:

If you are making yearly payments using SEPA or using bank/wire transfers, you can get a 10% discount. To get your 10% discount, click on “Recalculate”.

Edit: I just heard back from Hetzner themselves, they said that they no longer offer this discount. They’ve updated their documentation to reflect this.


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Sorry that I haven’t been at HostedTalk over the past several months, and am just now seeing this thread. I have unfortunately been having some health issues and am now feeling better.
Yes, what our accounting team told you also matches the latest information that I have.
Yes, my assumption when looking at this deal is that after the first 6 months, the price probably goes up significantly to cover the offset. But there are other providers who do that, and I would not necessarily consider some of those deals “scams”. It can vary widely from one provider to another. This is one of the reasons why we do not endorse customers of our who are resellers. It would be extremely time-consuming just to try to keep track of what specific deals each reseller offers using our infrastructure – and many don’t specifically advertise us as their hoster, so we would run into potential data protection issues.
So my recommendation with any deal like this is to do your homework. Ask for a specific contract with all the fine print that you can carefully read before agreeing to it. A legitimate business should be able to provide this to you. --Katie


@Hetzner_OL Glad to hear you are doing better Katie, wishing you all the best.