One Year Anniversary!


Greetings friends!

Though it was technically yesterday, today we wanted to take a brief moment to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of HostBalls. We’re an unapologetically small community that seeks to leave most of the negativity and conflict at the door, an escape from an internet that has been overrun by negativity and hatred. We’re not care bears, this isn’t a hug fest. We just know that conflict can be found anywhere, and comradery is an increasingly rare gem.

In the last 30 days we’ve had 92k page views, 2.3k user visits, 1.5k likes, and 365 user to user messages (with replies). While we may be small, we’re anything but inactive. Thanks so much for being a part of this great community. Here’s to another great year!



Congratulations Jarland. You have created a nice little techie sanctuary where we can all shoot the breeze rather than each other, figuratively speaking. We appreciate you and this place.


Thank you for creating such a wonderful and welcoming community @Jarland, this is practically a home for me now. Thanks to everyone else for being here :heart:




Happy birthday, HB <3


Congratulations to all who are part of the community. May peace remain in hostballs.


Next time you bootstrap a new update/release, check out

“You can cancel my idle node, report me to FraudRecord, put me on an oversold server… But don’t you dare touch my Balls!”


Where do we signup for the Hostballs stickers @jarland :grin: ?

Happy balls day y’all! <3


Let’s be honest here. Who needs tons of active users when it is quality that counts.
Here’s to another year guys!


Happy ballday™ :wink:
Has it been a year already?! Guess time flies when you’re having fun :smiley:


Happy birthday HostBalls!






Wait, what? :cry:


Happy day.


Sorry, I have to do it…



I think you guys are really letting @jarland down with the lack of Taylor Swift pics…


That’s what I was going for actually :wink:


Congrats : )