One Year Anniversary!



Happy anniversary Ballers! :clinking_glasses::champagne::tada::confetti_ball:


I mean if you need one, one will be provided.


Happy One Year! Thanks for the place @jarland and thanks for helping take care of it @Mason and @Wolveix


Happy birthday HostBalls. You’re awesome! :heart:


Happy first year HostBalls!
Let’s hope there is plenty of more to come.


The end is nigh.


Here’s raising a toast to 365 days of pure awesomeness. :beers:
Here’s to history repeating itself in the years to come! :beer:


Thanks for making this community so welcoming, particularly with LowEndTalk being… not a very welcoming community, to say the least. I really love the feeling of small communities.

This forum reminds me a lot of a similarly-friendly web development forum called webDevRefinery that I used to use many years ago. I loved helping people on there and eventually was promoted to moderator. I was sad when it shut down.


Wow it’s one year already. Time flies man!


Happy Birthday HB!


Happy 1 Year!

Oof. I spent 6 days of the last year on this forum.


I’m pretty sure I’ve been on here every single day since I registered haha.


Yet you still have less ‘read time’ than me. God dammit.


I’m not sure how haha. I’ve viewed 612 topics (every public topic on here), so I’ve also read 15k posts. Maybe I read through them quicker? I’m not sure how Discourse calculates it.


Have definitely left the site open for extended periods, so if it’s calculating off of view time then that’d do it.


Congratulations on achieving the 1-year milestone!
Cheers to another great year ahead. :clinking_glasses:

P.S Thanks for being one of our reliable traffic sources. :smile:



Well played -

I’ve only spent one day in total.


Happy 1st birthday Hostballers and congratulations Jarland!