NanoKVM | Free NAT KVM | Romania & Finland


About a week ago, I had the idea, to offer free NAT KVM’s, so here it is, delivered.
I hope you enjoy.

Specifications of the KVM’s:

  • 1x Core (Shared)
  • 256MB¹ Memory
  • 5GB¹ HDD/SAS
  • 25Mbit Port, unmetered (FairUse)
  • 20x forwarded Ports v4

¹ x2 resources in Finland

The Requirements to get one:

  • Existing account since 1 month, here on HB
  • Active account, (you need to have a decent amount of recent posts)
  • Any further VPN requests are refused
  • 50 Posts or more

How to get one:

  • Go to:
  • Place an Request
  • Post the AuthKey here, with an explanation, what you wanna do with it.
  • As soon the Request is accepted, you get your KVM details.

Keep in mind, Abuse => Zero tolerance. Play nice!
Mail/TOR/Torrent is blocked, by default.

If you have any questions/suggestions, lemme know.

Thanks to Zen for the sponsored Finland location.



Thank you for offering this!

Do you have IPv6?

Great initiative! Cheers

Well, currently none.

Romania has no native v6, It would be only possible through a tunnel, Finland has native IPv6.
I am working to configure everything, in the next time.

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Great idea, hopefully some less fortunate folks get access to a nice little VPS for testing… and hopefully you don’t get too many abusive cunts.

Please be sure to publicly spit roast anyone caught abusing the service.

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I’ll be watching for Finland to be in stock. Would like to add a personal Unbound instance to my cluster around the globe.

Thats the issue, posting it, into forums where the post is visible to not logged in users.
Usually it gets spammed until out of stock, if that happens again, I remove the post from LES.

If you place a request, its reserved from the stock, until accepted or refused.
I did not wanted to add reCaptcha to the page.


Good luck with your service!


Restocked NanoKVM HEL, now with Unlimited @ 50Mbit instead of 25Mbit.
Keep in mind, post the AuthKey here with a reason why you need the VM.

Updated Specs:

1x Core (Shared)
512MB Memory
10GB HDD, 40MB/sec
50Mbit Unlimited
20x forwarded Ports


If more Storage is needed, we can add a second disk on the FIN node, up to 100GB.
Since we still have enough storage left, so its not getting wasted.

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The Nordic expansion comes next week.

NanoKVM is getting 3 new Locations.

  • Norway (sponsored by myWallet)
  • Lithuania (sponsored by serveroffer)
  • Romania (sponsored by hostsolutions)

Finland is kinda full right now, restock is unlikely to happen.
Storage upgrades will be available on all locations excluding Romania.

So if you need up to 100GB additional space, its possible as long enough storage is free.
/64 IPv6 Subnet will be available on specific locations, more on that next week.

Specs should be the same, 50Mbit Uplink but differs from Fairuse or Unlimited.
I will create a new thread, when everything is ready.