NanoKVM | Free NAT KVM | Multiple Locations


NanoKVM saga continues.

Specifications of the KVM’s

  • 1x Core (Shared)
  • 256 or 512MB Memory
  • 10GB¹ HDD
  • 50Mbit Port, unmetered (FairUse)
  • 20x forwarded Ports v4
  • /64 Subnet v6

The specifications depend on the location, you can find those here:

¹You can request an additional disk up to 100GB with a reason if available.

The Requirements to get one

  • Existing account since 3 months, here on Hostballs
  • Active account (you need to have a decent amount of recent posts)
  • You need to have 50 posts before you apply

Play nice! zero abuse tolerance.
No TOR, Torrent, VPN’s, email servers or any other ilegal stuff.
If we take notice, that a VM’s gets abused, the VM will be terminated.

How to get one

  • Go to:
  • Place an Request
  • Post the Token here, with an explanation, what you wanna do with it.
    At least 1 sentence
  • As soon the Request is accepted, you get your KVM details.

Thanks to our Sponsors to make this Project possible
Germany, Sponsored by Zen
Norway, Sponsored by myWallet™
Fremont, Sponsored by IntoVPS
Thanks to VMHaus for the Sponsored VPS

Things you should know:

  • Keep in mind, the stock system has changed, a placed request is not longer reserved from the stock anymore.
  • The Service is provided with no SLA , but we try out best to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Support will be provided over Hostballs PM or via email if needed.
  • No Backups are done on our side, You are responsible for taking backups of your data.
  • There is no term guarantee, but the project is very soon 1 year old.
    In addition, the project is covered by several sponsors.

If you have any further questions, let me know.



Canada has been delivered yesterday, networking is already configured.
Since we have only a /64 each VM gets a /80 via static configuration.

I may try DHCPv6 later, but currently that should be good enough.
You will get the information displayed, when your VM is deployed, which Subnet you got allocated, so you can set it up.


1x Core (Shared)
10GB SSD (Raid 1)
50Mbit Port, unmetered
20x forwarded Ports v4
/80 Subnet v6

Memory or Disks upgrades are available, depending on what you need and what is still available. First, I will open only 10 slots, later more if we still have enough resources, which is likely.

Keep in mind, that the Machine will expire at 5th of November 2019, if we do not get it extended.


Interesting locations and service, will dive in :wink:

Token: uAjASso83ADVnbbh5VkJkA9Tn8gwkXxEoG

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What sort of guarantee do we have for service if there is no abuse?

No offense, but you seem to get bored and just give up on shit pretty often. This has to be one of your longer projects (remember the CDN last August)?


I want to get a nano kvm machine, this is my code, zOr78yqbSlX0Gt0w8G5EouSD8hAJtVYSAg, please help me, I wish you all the better.

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There is no guarantee, not even a commercial provider can you give such guarantee.
They may give you an uptime guarantee but thats it, we saw already commercial providers getting kicked out, there is no big difference besides we are not doing it commercial.
If the abuse is significant enough, the location is likely gone.

The CDN was just an experiment, I did 3 different versions of it.
I told them public, to get information how it does perform, but thats it.

Just for my personal usage and as I did not turn out, It was also not turned off, it ran for more months until I killed it. If something does not work out, you turn it off or you rework it, with the ideas to improve it.
Which I did 2 times, before I started using BunnyCDN.

Look, NanoKVM is not longer an experiment, I talked to a few sponsors the recent weeks, its not getting dropped anytime soon. You can see even, people making copies of the projects I do, thats good.


OK. Thanks for your response. pretty sure FreeMach predated your project, though.

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That was related to metaDedi, which brought 2 projects up after it.
I did not checked FreeMach.

Next time, more context.

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We’re talking about free hosting services here, not lists of cheap services tho?



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Well you asked about my projects in general, so you get a general response.
What gives?

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Well, if you say so. I only used one of your other projects as an example of your, er, lack of follow through, shall we say? I’m not personally invested in anything you do, since I don’t expect it to be there a week later.

Gordon is still an asshole.

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I did explained you that on LET, where you got banned from.
But I do not understand it, when you go around and asking it everytime.

If you create something or want to create something, because of an idea, that should fullfil a specific purpose. At some point, its defeated, or fullfilled, or something unexpected comes across.

Also, keep in mind, not everything you see on LET or Hostballs, are all of my projects.
And yes, Gordon is still an asshole.

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Just a reminder to keep it civil guys :slight_smile: Glad to see that the project is gaining interest @Neoon!

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Lithuania has been deployed.
Each VM gets its own /64 of IPv6.

Thanks to for Sponsoring this location.


Token: 4186824d3994d8c83e3a17a251f5188f129e5e20

Purpose: Used as IMCP Ping
I wrote a ping tool through php, and I implemented imcpping through sock
But I found that the virtual host was not working properly (because sock required root privileges)
So I changed my approach and connected to a server via phpseclib for ping.
When I was looking for low-cost vps, someone recommended nanokvm to me, so I tried to apply for it.

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Read the Requirements, your account is 6 hours old…

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Mine is not.

Do we get notified by private message when slices become available?

I told you its Deployed, did you not read what the page said? Look into your browser history.

Is this what you call friendly support?

this reads like

“Hey, are you blind or what? Do I have to tell you again that it’s deployed? huh ?”