[MXroute] Black Friday deals!


Okay, thanks for the explanation. I hired the 5GB package, I believe that is enough for my needs. I have faith that everything will work out. My forum and MXRoute will be the perfect sync.


Off topic, but Eagle is super fast now :smiley:


Excellent! Those 2TB SSDs should serve it well.


It’s sad that renew of old offers does not give the same benefits of soft limits.


It’s all just words to discourage use by someone who should be paying hundreds per month to send their emails.


Seems like it’s time to replace my earlier 1G/$7 deal with the new 5G/$5.
Cheers Jarland!


Wow, great deal. Had to get one even though I got the pre-BF one! :slight_smile:


This is ridiculous, I didn’t need more emails but here I am.


Haha I am on the same boat as I’ve ordered pre bf in a hurry as I needed it and now I see extremely nicely priced options and I have already seen how beautiful crossbox implementation is.
Will need to hodl as my spending have not ceased :wink:

Well done Jar! ( and L L for being helpful :wink:


Hey jar,

Can this be provisioned in th white label server… For what’s it worth …as whitelabel… as I’m not catching the difference between that one and the others… but meh. I’m kinda blind so…


These will all be provisioned under what I call a white label domain (not published anywhere as being connected to MXroute).


It’s mentioned here:



and also in some places that you can’t control.


Yeah, that’s the worst of it, that I ultimately can’t make anything fully white label. Someone will mention it somewhere (why the hell was it me?). I deleted the tweet just now, ty.


You can’t remove it on LET right? Can’t edit a post from 2014…


Could not resist the $30/3years deal. Will be a nice secondary email server. If I ever get tired of hosting my primary location, then 100GB is enough of space for all my emails.
This is crazy cheap, less than 1€ per month :sunglasses:


Makes me wonder why I was THAT hasty and love what you guys do.
Now I’m tempted to get another deal ( 100gb one and maybe offload all my Gmail to it :wink:)

Hetzner power and efficiency, Louis gentle and polite touch, Crossbox kcickass dev and Jar jars magic spice what a beautiful recipe :wink:


@jarland quick question is the Jetbackup and Wordpress Manager supposed to be on the CPanel of whitelabelled.domain.tld ? Didn’t see it on the panel from the Pre Blackfriday offer server, or Eagle.


Nope, cPanel keeps adding them back :frowning:


Ah thats rather unhelpful of it. Thanks for the confirmation, I’ll leave them alone then.


I just put a while loop in screen to get rid of them. How’s that for duct tape? :smiley: