Although I haven’t much time to play them these days, I’m a huge MMORPG nerd. I’m wondering if any of you share that passion, and what your favorite games are.

For what little time I have, I’m pretty sure I have every single MMORPG of value installed. Lately I’ve played FFXIV more than any other. What about you?


I played Ultima Online for 6 years. Moved to Everquest for additional 3 years or so and slowly played less and less of it.

Nowdays, I don’t play MMO at all. I also dislike the trend of using chat instead of text.


I just got back into Elder Scrolls Online… It’s hard to find the time, but the weekends can sometimes consist mainly of me questing along in the areas that I have neglected so far.

I love it, it’s been as much - if not more - fun than last time I played it.


Hell of an MMO career. What made you stop playing?

Same. I tried to ruin it by singing backstreet boys on ventrilo in the WoW BC days, but then people started inviting me to disrupt their guild raids by singing backstreet boys…


It’s different but it’s pretty damn fun.


I guess other MMO were starting to feel the same. UO was certainly a unique game. It still is even now. Housing without zoning, free PvP, nice backlore with Lord British and all.

Everquest was the hot 3D stuff back then but I didn’t quite like it. I was an enchanter, so shit load of people were asking for “clarity” spell which was MP regen.

My reason for disliking chat is it’s hard to control / hide emotions. You usually have this one guy who don’t like in a party. With text, you can control the mood. With chat, once things start to misfire, you end up swearing and thus verbally fight.

I didn’t mention it but I also play Eve online for 12 years from its Beta stage.


Played Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning for a few months a long time ago. While I loved the Warhammer Fanatasy universe, I realized that MMO’s just aren’t for me.


Played (released in 1997) for like 10 years 2004-2014. My cousin introduced me to it when I was 7. As many of you know I am from Germany and this was an all-english game so I profited a lot from this early exposure to english (foreign) language. Other than that I played a lot of Metin 2 although that was wasted time and money sorta. Still with some good mates it can be super fun. Tera, ESO, GW2, Planetside 2, BDO, FF: ARR, Runescape and lots of others. Although not that much of a MMORPG player anymore. More into fast paced multiplayer like LoL etc now. MMORPGs require lots of time I don’t have anymore. Still was a great time. Currently playing Revelation Online with my girlfriend although casual.


Found my Tibia farewell video on yt again I made a while ago. Not sure if anyone is interested but might give some insight into this game. It is indeed old school:


I prefer old school. For me, at least, it’s far easier to “role play” in old school MMO.

I still think about UO from time to time. The good times, I had. I was hardly PvPing or even PvEing. I spent majority of my years in UO as a carpenter. UO had freedom.


Poor you. They got me fooled with a “new server” again. A few months later they merged it into a 10 year old one. Well done Gameforge, well done…


Tibia also had lots of roleplay and RuneScape has like 100 different things to do than kill monsters. So if you like that kinda freedom you might just wanna try RuneScape or Old school runescape (osrs, cross platform, available on phone also)


New steam server ayayay :stuck_out_tongue:


I was married in game to someone who claimed to be “44 years old married woman”. I never got to find out real gender of that player but I guess I couldn’t care less. She and the guild I was in, I had a blast.

Though now that I think about it, I spent most of my time either chatting in a pub or chopping woods near Yew (a city with tons of forest).


In my whole time playing Tibia I never got past level 70. Best player today is like level 900 (no level cap, infinity levling). I always was socializing, chatting, doing house party, rpg… Great time!
So many friends I got to know along the way that are still good friends today.
One of them I visited during my trip to Australia & New Zealand. He never had seen me before, neither did I know how he looked like. Still he let me sleep at his place. We had a great time and he came to visit me a year after in Germany :slight_smile:


Holla, I played in a Goonswarm PvP corp (Amok.) for a few years, and did some industry for a while too. It was a bit too much of a hassle to maintain though, the only reason I got away with not being active at the right times and following all the protocols is because I was good friends with one of the fleet commanders at the time. EvE consumes life though, haven’t played it in years.


The problem with Eve online is that it becomes a full time job if you want to be above others.

For me, I played it as a part timer in a small high-sec corp mostly. The only reason I dragged my sub for 12 years is due to my large collection of T2 BPO (most ships). If it weren’t them, I would have quit way before my 12nd year.


I played RuneScape from like 2005. I hop on OSRS sometimes. I tried the WoW free levels but got bored so never got into it. Neverwinter was quite fun when I was playing with a friend.

It would be quite nice to get into some more, if anybody has any casual play recommendations. I don’t mind dailies but I don’t want it to feel like a necessity. I am also more PvM than PvP.


Oddly enough even if most MMORPGs are said to be WoW clones I couldn’t get into WoW either. Friends tried to get me into it few times. No success.


Elder Scrolls Online can definitely be played casually and has a great PVE story/content. All voiced like in Skyrim. Combat system feels a bit sluggish though :S
GW2 probably also allows for casual play style. If you wanna play with a higher leveled friend levels are adapted which is cool. ESO also has adaptive levels/difficulty when you quest together with someone further ahead.

Revelation Online works for casual players too. You can join me and my gf online sometime :slight_smile: