Tibia was kind of fun!


I find it depends on the class/build… It gets quite frantic when I use a glass cannon caster build. But the combat style is definitely a personal preference thing and one of the most important things to consider when getting into a new MMO.


Tibia was <3

Tbh I don’t mind action combat. But of all action combat I’ve encountered ESO felt the most sluggish. Atleast to me :S


I just loaded up Neverwinter for the first time since '15 on the Xbox One. Next thing I knew an hour had passed… I only got from level 4-7 but still.


Good ol’ Neverwinter nights.

They don’t make those kind of games anymore. Well, I suppose Pillars of Eternity is the spiritual successor but it’s sad that it’s become a somewhat of a niche game.


Anyone know Mabinogi?


Luckily for me I haven’t completed this one yet but as soon as I do I will also complain about the lack of decent follow ups or competitors. Just hit level 13. What even is the max?