Looking for a Windows VM


I am looking for a Windows VM hosting with a bit of umph. I don’t want to have to pay for the license. Mostly going to use it for RDP and such.

Price is less than 20$ a month, but want some good specs.

Any ideas where I can get such a VM. Please no summer hosts.

Hetzner, OVH, Virmach, Hosthatch, BuyVM


Your paying for the license either way even if they don’t directly charge you a surcharge for it. Look up SPLA if you don’t believe me.

The only “legit” way around it would a host to be using HyperV but even then since they are now licensed per physical core I don’t think this is really a “loophole” anymore.

I mean, I don’t want to buy the VM and afterwards have to pay the $xxx amount for a license on top of it. Namely I just want a VM that will be licensed as part of the cost of the VM.

Understand able any reputable VM provider will let you get it inclusive or pay like ~$20/month on top of the rental fee at check out. So for example if a VM costs $10 then your total would be ~$30/month.


Do I have to pay for your windows licensing or is it included?

BuyVM - KVM Slices Dedicated Server Performance with 100% SSD Storage and DDoS Protection Available Via this page it seems it is included for free?

It’s included for free.

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I think what he means is:

  • I just want a combined bill that doesn’t have to deal with the cost of a license.

While the rules of economics states that what you’re saying is true, it’s just the fact that sometimes people don’t want to deal with that or think about it and want someone else to think about it and all they have to do is look at the total calculated number. It just makes the decision that much easier for the decision maker.


Included suh.


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Thank you Stallion.

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Halfyyy <3

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What? You don’t need to run HyperV to offer licenses under SPLA. It’s per core and you always had to license all cores ( or earlier - CPUs ), regardless of virtualisation used

Do you clean up your RDNS on new ips?


Fair criticism.

I don’t, it’s a patch I’m working on now.


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KK! I reset mine, was curious.

I meant I believe HyperV is/was the only legit way to issue “unmetered” licenses. So before per CPU and per core billing were a thing a host could in theory have a big butt dual processor server or what not and split the costs of data center licensing fee. Thus resulting in a deal both to the provider and to the client in question if x amount of Windows VMs were provisioned.

However now that per core billing is in place I don’t think the same could be said now of days.

It’s per physical core, the only change is that instead of per CPU you’re now billed per core, there’s still no limit on the number of VMs on a Datacentre edition regardless of virtualisation used. Whether it is or was Hyper-V it’s simply irrelevant. You don’t license virtual cores - never. It’s always all physical cores in the machine.

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Virmach 2G (or so)+ VMs include the Windows license. They’re absolutely insane with their pricing- however, you’re going to be IPv4 in ColoCrossing. You have been warned.

Which is why I didn’t go with them.

Last thing I need is a colo crossing shit fest.

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