Looking for a Windows VM

You can try buycheaprdp.com .

What networks do they operate out of?

Why not hit two birds with one stone and fire away a sales ticket/email about this at each provider your looking at?

Not only can you get the responses you need but you can “quiz” their staffs, response times and so on. Finding whose your wanting after all (fast response times, completeness of responses and/or a combo of these).

True, but I just wanted to see if mr.who already knew.

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In LA we have quickpacket and in San Jose we have Colocrossing.

LG for LA: http://lg.lax.quickpacket.com/

Buy Cheap RDP

If you just need something for RDP then there is also this:

$0.99 for 5 days (other packages also available)

Ubuntu X-RDP prices starts from $0.49

That’s pretty nifty, but not for me.

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