Looking for a dedi


I’m trying to replace my OVH DO-32


for similar power but at a lower cost (or same)

Need SSD / nVME - 150-200GB

RAM - 32GB+

Bandwidth - unmetered if possible but I can do with 20-25TB

Looking forward to offers.


Hetzner auction servers would probably be your best bet. Unmetered bandwidth @1Gbit, one of my servers alone uses 35TB/m. Loads of stuff similar to this:

Hey @Wolveix

I was looking into it too.

This one specifically

If you know, can you tell me which one would be better when it comes to transcoding videos?

Intel Xeon E3-1245v6 (Benchmark 10205)


Intel Core i7-4770 (benchmark 9840)

My server has an i7-3770 though I have had the Xeon E3-1245v6 before. I personally haven’t noticed much difference in terms of video encoding or transcoding. Either of your options should suffice :slight_smile: If you need ECC memory (which you probably don’t), then your best bet is probably the i7-4770.

The only reason I would probably recommend the server in my screenshot over your one is due to the additional storage space. But if that’s not needed, then it doesn’t really matter.

Thanks @WolveixI decided to stick with me my DO-32 from OVH for a while mostly because after their bandwidth upgade, too many people have started buying hetzner which has made their setup fee and auction price go way higher than what it used to be.

I had an hetzner auction server few months back for 19 EUR and the same server will now cost me 28 EUR+

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Hi @Shu - Maybe I misunderstood something in your post, but I don’t recall that our setup fees have increased in the last few months. Although our monthly auction prices do indeed tend to increase when we have a higher demand (and our supply remains level). --Katie, Marketing

Hi again @Hetzner_OL, The setup fee on all the lines except auction servers was doubled ever since the unlimited 1Gbps was announced.

Check https://novadedi.net/ maybe you find something.

I think there has been some sort of misunderstanding here. To the best of my knowledge, we have not increased any setup fees. --Katie, Marketing


Yep that explains why SB prices hiked quite a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey again, Kaie.
I saw it firsthand. The usual setup fee was straight out one month’s rental for all the servers. After the bandwidth limits were removed they went to double. Straight 2 month’s rental price as setup fee and the usual monthly rent along with that.

These were the prices as of the 25th of June. Pretty sure that they haven’t changed (remember to allow for the difference in VAT percentages):

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Well you cannot blame them for being successful with their Unmetered offer which was not only a marketing tactic but something they must have thought about when doing their economics and asking their engineers on how to do such thing .
It was like when the miners made their prices go up last December .

Most likely not only their Finland DC needs to be provisioned but their techs must be working non stop, imagine the volume of abuse/ complaints they have to deal with etc .


That is very odd. I remember looking at the lower prices. Maybe they were for a short amount of time though

You could have rented them below 21 E (4770s) for example when they unofficially opened the finland DC and people said hey they have “shitty” network and they backhaul to Germany.
I did not doubt and snagged many if them.
I believe as ( was about to type offline) as online. Net says they are a “victim of their own success”.

Take into account that hetzner does have amongst some other features what’s called support.
I know most can say they don’t need it want support.
What if you have abuse, billing, a drive about to die.
We all know the answer and despite I would like as most of us insanely priced servers ( well I’ve already hoarded too many) if this is taking place it should be good for them to maintain what they provide without compromising some of the features we all love.

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Hetzner have really good support, in my experience some of the best. Almost instant KVMs (free of charge), quick response times, fast drive swaps, and they are willing to go to any length if you have hardware faults (full server replacement, moving drives, swapping certain components).


They upgraded the bios for me. As I’ve said before I’d like to highligh things I like of them that I’ve not seen before without being a dick wtih the others.

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