LET Refugee Camp


Thanks a lot!

You’re one of my favourites on this forum.


Yeah, same here. With a completely fabricated story about my employer and stated clearly as “revenge” no less. My crime? Politely answering someone’s question.

You can’t make the internet not be shitty, but you sure as hell can build a house and tell people to be nice or get out :slight_smile:


Yeah, me too.

I’ve already learnt to not question OpenVZ kernel versions or mention the fact that Debian Buster refuses to run on 2.x series kernels… People go absolutely nuts. LOL


Despite @doghouch heroic efforts, I eventually gave up on LET.
I don’t think I’ve ever elicited any dramas, I believe I’ve always been pretty friendly, sometimes I may have even contributed here and there; I believe I’ve never got into arguments with any primadonna and I haven’t even ever complained about trolls, or vented, or ranted about anything. Still, I felt more and more that I’m kinda old for what seems more and more a 4chan in troll-mode. That, or I’m too sober
No forum lasts forever and LET has past its expiration date for quite a while already (the end was nigh); I’m still thankful I’ve discovered there quite a few competent professionals occasionally sharing their knowledge anyway


I think its only gone down the gurgler from around a month before black friday 2018. Certain posters spamming un funny content that just repeats and its only a few that apparently get a kick out of mashing the keyboard. Its only a certain few and honestly booting them of the site is justified and would make LET attractive again.


Its dying slowly. I have been checking it daily but close to finally quit LET. Its mods are warriors though. Good people.


That’s very true. Sometimes my friends don’t take my job seriously but I think they don’t really know what’s behind Social Media Marketing. I think part of the reason behind that is because you can’t directly measure it in turnover ratios. But nowadays it’s important to be present on Social Media and to really take time to listen to one’s customers.

You’re very welcome! Have fun with the stickers :slight_smile:

–Julia, Marketing


That’s bad. Just see what have you done in LET, everybody talks about Hetzner now and I think it’s because you are more active there. Pricing contributes but you put the plus there.

Also Hetzner is a good meme now :smile: and @eol helps everybody to hear about Hetzner.


yes. a holistic inbound approach done right does not stop with the conversion of prospects into customers. you’d rather try to nurture them even further, continue their journey and make them promoters/evangelists :wink:

even old dogs can learn a few new things :thinking::grin:


Lovely said.
I must admit my addiction to hetzner :wink:
The marketing job does make a difference ( the most boxes I ever had was 25 IIRC).
Things like not just promoting things but as some have also nicely expressed to be active in as many social networks as possible plus that sense of you guys saying you have a surprise we will like makes us ( at least me) the ocd in me to spend some times a day to see if there is some new product and so on :wink:


Yes I think Katie has done a wonderful job. As you all know I’m not working for the company for so long. I just graduated from university and took this job at Hetzner. I’m really glad to work with her and I want to take her good example and hopefully be able to take over most of the Social Media work.

@crotaphiticus Yes, it’s really fun to surprise you guys with new products or stickers. Especially when you show them off on a photo :slight_smile:

–Julia, Marketing