ISPManager or something with Litespeed Webserver

Anyone here using ISPManager or have so in the past?

Looking for some massive feedback on it! Please and thank you.

Was thinking of using the Lite license.


Also, I haven’t really seen many control panels using open/litespeed webserver. I saw Cyber, but I am not totally confident in that one.

I am looking for something cheap, less than 10 dollars a month or so for hosting some websites I have.

Isn’t Cyber supported by Litespeed?

Cyber uses OpenLitespeed, yes. However, I have no confidence in the project currently. I don’t feel like trading one mess ( VestaCP ) for another.

Cyber not only uses Litespeed, is developed by someone from Litespeed and its my understanding that it has the backing of Litespeed.
At least that’s my understanding of the answer the guy been giving in that other forum… ya know… that one.

So what I mean is, if I’m right, then this is THE “build on top of litespeed” project that can be trusted.

Fair notice: I never used it, nor plan to.

It still doesn’t change the fact that I don’t feel confident in it. It could be made by Waz, and I’d still have confident issues in the project. I have tested it, setup a server, and it has given me pause.

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Panel cheap, but I do not know if it works well with LiteSpeed:

Panels that are sure to support LiteSpeed: Centos Web Panel (CWP), VirtualMin, and ISPConfig

I don’t like the UX behind CyberPanel at all.

And everything is slow (or maybe the problem is the OVZ node)

I mean… it was wonky! However, it did work… I found other issues, and they made me take a big gulp. Let’s just say… I had a working server… testing it… moved stuff on it… and I noticed something… and moved back to VestaCP knowing full well VestaCP has vulnerability issues.

My site slows down with OpenLiteSpeed (hosted in KVM vps), so I use nginx.

Really, from what I saw with light load… openlitespeed was really fast? Does it have scale issues?

I think I am going to try

I’m moving everything back to nginx + varnish

And I love how varnish keeps the wordpress frontend online while wp-admin is fucked up.

OpenLiteSpeed was slow even on a low traffic website.

Best choice for sure.

I moved to CyberPanel yesterday in a hurry because Ramnode asked me to move out from their shared platform (with litespeed). They were very helpful in the last minutes and gave me time to copy the files.

I installed Cyberpanel in an OpenVZ server from Inception Hosting but there was definitely something wrong with it. With 4 cores and 6GB RAM in the server, I had a load of 12, CPU usage at 80% and 2GB RAM used, even with varnish cache in front. I was afraid Anthony was going to kill me.

Moved to DO with nginx and php-fpm (no varnish) and max load is 1.5, CPU at 20%, RAM under 1GB. I’m happy… but $15 less in my wallet.

What are you hosting!

Centos Web Panel is rather frustrating in some of its decisions. Like for logging in with the admin account creates an unblock of all ports for 24 hours on that IP address…

It might be a bug that usman is already aware of ( he helped me troubleshoot my high load on netcup).
Could have tested on some of my 8 hetzner dedis :hides:


In all honesty I think CMM flies but I needed a web ui for someone cough @Wolveix

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I’ll be working on a highly integrated company release soon (I’m hoping for a January launch), then I’ll be releasing it publicly. The reason for the seperation in launches is because the level of integration that my company needs prevents it from properly standing on it’s own. So I’ll need some time post-release to modify a few things to make it as hotpluggable as possible.