ISPManager or something with Litespeed Webserver


Is it serious?

It’ll be incredible, I’m sure I’ll prove it. Centminmod is incredible, but difficult for beginners.

It would be interesting a GUI to facilitate things like:

  1. Create database user (and password) (phpmyadmin)
  2. Add a domain
  3. Generate SSL certificates

Anyway, easy settings for putting a website online.

Hint: It would be interesting if you could deactivate the GUI without interfering with other services, so it would help with the security issue.


It is indeed serious :slight_smile: Those three things are incredibly easy and simple implementations. Disabling the web panel will obviously be possible too.

I would love to build a list of everything that people think the panel should have (obviously not all features might be there at launch, but with a bit of time). I might make a thread if there’s enough interest.


Thank you very much, I am already looking forward to the launch.

I think it would be cool, eva2000 itself may have some cool ideas to share. In addition, other developers might be able to help. If all goes well this GUI can become very popular.


Thanks for the support :slight_smile: Ideally I would rewrite CentminMod in it’s entirety to be cross-platform, however, I’m not going to pretend that I understand the underlying code well enough, or that I could hit the same kind of benchmark scores that @eva2000 has been able to achieve.

My goal is to build a cleaner CLI application (I’ve already got the underlying structure complete) in an efficient language, with a fleshed out API and integrated web UI. I’ve finished most of the theory work, I just need the time to sink into developing it. My company is currently finishing up some large scale projects, then this will become the primary focus. As previously mentioned, January would be an ideal launch time but realistically it’s probably not going to be stable until a month or a few after that.

Once the panel is at a stable point, I’ll be trialling it with some of our customers. I plan to integrate reseller support in the distant future, possibly a lot of other things too. I understand that at this point you could argue “why fix what isn’t broken?”. But as @CrossBox has proven, just because something works well doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved to work much better. I personally dislike a lot of the current “industry standard” hosting software, so hopefully, I’ll be able to combat some of it in later releases of this.

Baby steps though, one thing at a time :slight_smile:


In my opinion, having a brand new bike is always better than the old dirt one (tho some people tend to disagree). There is always a space for improvement and there are always areas where you can innovate. And if you make something that looks better, works better and feels better, then the people will for sure recognize it (some sooner than the others).

We’d love to be one of your closed beta testers! We’ve used almost every CP that is out there (so we could learn how to integrate CrossBox with it) and we could give you a feedback or some ideas about what is missing or not done right in other hosting panels.


I agree for the most part. It’s not always true, but it’s often the case (in my experience).

Sounds great to me! I’ll contact you nearer to the time :slight_smile: