Is It Worth Starting a Blog on Free Hosting?

So is it really worth it to start a blog with paid domain (.com domain) and with free shared hosting, I know a lot of people have complained about free shared hostings (how it says it’s free, so it can’t be good)


absolutely yes.
you can try static site generator ( Hugo, vuejs,etc) with for free hosting. so you can focus on your contents.

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It is perfectly fine to start with free. Convert to paid one when you have more traffics in the future.


using static site is good
Try zeit or netlify,it’s free

Depends entirely on the host, really. There are some horrible free hosting options, and some fantastic.

Some providers in the low end community offer free hosting, and I’d be shocked if this thread doesn’t result in you finding one.

No complaints about InfinityFree yet. And that’s “unlimited” free host even. But I also haven’t been a dick and put a video streaming site on there. Some people would…

It’s more on the lines of why risk a free provider when you can get guaranteed reliability for a few bucks a month or like $30/year?

Remember if it free assume that there no SLAs, no RAID, no backups etc. But for paying as little as $3/month you can REASONABLY expects these.

Furthermore you can sweep away most abusers or at least owners who wouldn’t likely take care of their sites.

A blog. In 2019.


Yeah eveyone knows chanboards are the thing now.

I’m pretty happy with virmach’s $3/year shared plan which I got for free as part of a vps bundle from them. I had some stuff on KuJoe’s for a while but it kept expiring. There are also a few free VPS available like Neoon’s own NanoKVM which there is another thread about. Some domain registrars also include some basic free hosting.

1 Like So far, majority of my users been happy.

Free is always a great option when you are just starting out. Keeping the expense low :slight_smile:

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Given that a .com domain name is much more expensive than entry level paid hosting, I don’t see much point distinguishing between free hosting and cheap hosting. In the old days free hosting was usually offered underneath someone else’s domain (Yahoo | Mail, Wetter, Suche, Nachrichten, Finanzen, Sport & mehr) but nobody seems to do that any more. It’s hard to find even paid hosting like that. I have a thread at the other place about it. Meanwhile there are some very cheap TLD’s that are all cheesy sounding. I like the concept but wish they chose some better names.

That’s like saying living under a bridge is a great option for college students who are on tight budgets.

Just like an appropriate living accommodation is an order to remains productive and not have to worry about external conditions (weather, crimes, etc).

Going “free” for hosting is just like the above. Just replace them with having proper RAID, backups (even if it just to reinstate the service from 2 weeks ago), SLA(s), etc.

I’ve used a pastebin as a blog a few times. It worked reasonably well.


One hell of an analogy boss. Can’t even argue.

In my defense, minus the backup, everything else should be standard (raid/uptime guarantee etc.). I guess free vs ultra budget is free would win (since those super duper hosting for $1/year) would be as good as going free :).

If it is a project, near and dear to once heart, it should be treated the same way as a new relationship:)

But solid friggin analogy.

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I just came across this. It’s really cool for a totally minimal blog:


I’d look into Github Pages. They’re obviously not a tiny provider that can’t handle your traffic and might work well for your use case. Easy to use with a domain too.

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Does GH Pages work with SSL for custom domains now? iirc last time I tried, I ditched them since custom domains only supported HTTP

Not sure how well it works in practice, but it looks like it:

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