Is It Worth Starting a Blog on Free Hosting?

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Wow, thank you, you gave me so much motivation, i planed to start blog, but just everyone tell me that i should start youtube instead, but i dont want to expose myself, and i will need to invest money in equipment such as camera, editor because i dont know to edit videos. But on the other site for blog i just need to post articles every day and i am good

Yeah i know that and i know a risk i am taking with free hosting, maybe i will go just first year with paid hosting, but i will get something like name cheap hosting or hostgator hosting, something that is about 20$/yr so i can just try out it.

Hm, i will try it maybe, this hosting seems okay

If you got $8 to pay for a .com you can find $3-8 to get yourself a cheap ass yearly webhosting plan with Cam or Fran.

Would suggest Fran ( cause its running on litespeed, meaning you can use LSCache WP plugin and reverse proxy w/ Cloudflare, and configure LSCache to purge the cache on Cloudflare when changes are made.

So its about $13 for one year or about $1.09 per month for not having to worry about “free” hosting.

But wait for BlackFriday first. You’ll be able to get a .com for $1 for sure. Same probably goes for shared hosting.

Ah, I can see it. OP buys a BF deal and the company goes bellyup in 6 months of time.

OP never made backup and …

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Exactly, what’s on my mind unless quantities are very limited for PR exposure.

in all cases just make sure to backup your content
as that is really more important than which host you go with (if you have your backup you can change host any time)

I think Cam temporarily stopped selling shared plans because of cpanel pricing change. I don’t know if he’s migrated to DA by now. Fran still sells cpanel but now at $8 instead of $5. Hopefully he’ll offer a DA alternative soon. Virmach still has $3/year here. I have it from their free bundle offer and it works nicely and it (at least for my instance) is cpanel. Not sure how they afford that.

I gotta say I don’t understand why some of the cheap shared plans have low limits on # of domains. It’s slightly annoying. I can understand wanting to stop some types of semi-spam or parking of 100s of domains but trying to upsell if person is using 2 or 3 domains is annoying. Virmach doesn’t do that and I don’t think Fran or Cam do either, but some others definitely do.

Charging per domain does make sense for non tech savvy users to limit CPU/RAM/etc cycles as much as possible.

Otherwise I agree it’s “dumb”.

That is okay option, but i also found free shared hosting it has 99% uptime which is amazing for free hosting, you get 3 SQLdata base accounts, etc. I tried it and its working awesome.

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Just use Neocities

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Wow, thank you for recommendation but you can also take at look at look at free shared hosting i recommended in a comment before yours too, i am currently using that hosting

Make a static blogger via and NoSQL!

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Woot woot! Welcome to the club my kind sir/madam!

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Thanks, i am really satisfied with your hosting, hope you grow bigger in future :slight_smile:

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That would be cool if hosting providers wouldnt charge for their service, hope it will be like that in future

yeah, but there arent so much good hosting providers, i was able to find with their service

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Man! You really must ike my service huh :). I have never been mentioned that many time since the inception.

Thank you for being a part of the family. Appreciate it :slight_smile:

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