IRoute Is Now an MXroute Brand!

#1 is now property of Jarland due to life circumstances. I am sure he will take care of my customers.

To anyone else…

I am working for Brixly, do reach me if you guys need anything!

Gotta update my sig here! :grin:


Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting that!

Hopefully everything works out for the best :slight_smile:


Email sent to users:


I wanted to introduce myself to you briefly. My name is Jarland Donnell and I’m the owner of, a service which shares many qualities with I wanted to send you a quick notification to let you know that has undergone a small transition. Due to fortunate (not a typo) circumstances in Miguel’s life, he recognized that he would not be able to continue carrying out the vision that he had for the service while he makes a personal transition that is best for himself and his family. While many would be content to let a business like this run itself, he chose to ensure that continues to grow and flourish so that it might meet the potential he had dreamed for it. To facilitate that continued growth, I will be carrying the torch forward.

There are no changes to your service. You can expect everything to continue running as though nothing has occurred. I will not be looking to take away the things that make iRoute unique from MXroute, and any changes that may be made in the future will be generous in your favor.

If you have any questions or you’d just like to chat, you can join the MXroute Slack chat.

Kind Regards,
Jarland Donnell


Sounds like this has ultimately been a beneficial transition for both of you! I’m glad to hear it, and I wish you both the best moving forward :slight_smile:


Can always rely on @Wolveix to fix my horrible formatting :smiley:


Definitely. Need to focus in my life right now. Moved with my girlfriend to a new house and things are going well! Love working for Brixly.


No one else better than Jarland to handle my customers despite our fights. I am sure about it.


Good thing you re-branded first, to make it crystal clear that the 2 brands are not related, and then declare that the 2 brands will be related :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just kidding. It’s always good to focus on your life first, so good luck with that and with your new job; I hope it pays out for you :+1:


Kind of makes you wonder what I’ll own next. If you were thinking it might be a Blueberry and Cream cookie from, you might be right.


Haha!!! Priorities have changed :slight_smile: thank you Andrei!




Congrats to both of you!
How about virmach?


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Nice! Another Brixly rep I know and like :slight_smile:


I wonder if Dennis is a baller also? :grin:

Good luck to both @Jarland and @Miguel!




Dennis isnt here hehehe but does read a few forums! :grin:


The end is always nigh.


True professional respect over emotions. Gotta dig it.


Congrats! @Miguel