IRoute Is Now an MXroute Brand!


If I deleted your post know that it isn’t personal, just conflicts with the spirit of this community.

Edit: As the negative situation continued and had to be removed again, I’d like to clarify something here:

It is not required that we all like each other. It is not required that we hide negative feelings. It IS required that we express them maturely and as genuine concerns. You feel negatively toward someone because they do something that causes it. This means you have genuine feedback to share with them. Feedback is not always comfortable, but it can always be kind. You give feedback because you care.

If you legitimately do not care, the concern has no impact to you, and you just want to make someone feel bad about themselves: The post is not welcome. Period.

Please be kind to one another.


Minor sidetrack anyone used Brixly seen its mentioned on a few hosting forums lately.



I like it


Yep!! Dennis has been reading the forums tho!!! :grin:


I was looking a user using it not the sale rep :stuck_out_tongue:.

Good luck with your new job at Brixly.


I’m eager to see that new house! Congrats both :sunglasses:


screeches: You are violating the First Amendment!



I have. Dennis is a nice guy. Performance was also good


You are always welcome! :grin:


Is JRoute taken? JarRoute? RouteLand? Im going through a creative phase.


i have credit there, and i want to use it. But the billing/helpdesk is giving 500 error.

no notifications when tickets are made.


Not sure what the problem is that causes the 500 error but the ticket still opens. It’ll be replaced anyway because I don’t use whmcs for tickets at, and eventually this will be brought into the same billing system / customer portal. I just want to port over the user experience before finalizing it.

I’ve moved your credit and a bit extra to


@Jarland , You need to disable the Rocket.Chat notifications I believe :grin::ok_hand: