Introducing metaDedi - Dedicated comparison table


I have found the bug and fixed it, thanks for reporting.


Last changes for 2018:

  • We got a shiny new Xeon Machina, with SSD, the main site is already running on it
    The KS1 has reached its limits, at some point, so we switched.
  • Some parts are already running on PHP 7.2, upgraded from 7.0
  • A few performance optimizations
  • Added
  • Added Setup fee row
  • Added City row
  • fixed GTHost yearly discount
  • updated SKB, mivoCloud filter
  • Improved OneProvider Storage detection
  • Lazy input on search fields
  • Added overall Price increase graph
  • Added Tooltips to the graphs


A new Year, new changes.

I should play less Rainbow Six Siege, dam it.