Introducing metaDedi - Dedicated Comparison Table


New name is awesome. Happy to help if you need to buy more domains…


Liking the new name.


Well, if you like to donate, you can do that, here:

Currently I did spend about 39USD for .net, .com, .org, .info, .pw and some other low cost domains.
Plus additional 10USD to extend the dedi novaDedi is running on, its paid now until January, so about 50USD total.

Currently we got 39USD in donations, which @jarland donated the most, thanks again.


Where did you buy the domains?


Well, mostly Namecheap, also Namesilo, just .net and .org was costly around 10$ each


Small end of the week update:

  • We rebranded metaDedi to novaDedi, due to incero event. Only the name changes, nothing else.
  • Muted GTHost in Discord, due to many stock changes.
  • Hide per Yearly (p.m) by default, since it only applies to a small number of providers
  • Compressing the Table on mobile view, to make it more mobile friendly
  • Changed Unlimited to infinity icon
  • Changed front to Raleway
  • Fixed stock detection on OVH/SYS/KIM due to API changes
  • Added country description to flags, when hovering over it
  • Added Payment row

Not all payment methods are listed yet, since a lot of providers actually never list which payment methods they do accept. Will be sorted out next week.


Small end of the week update:

Next week, the server side should be available, with most of the features that have been requested.


Should have renamed to JarDedi or JarDaddy.


I’m slow today, some of you already commented on LET about the copy cat server finder.


Well, I knew since 1 month, that it does exist, I have my sources.
But I did not brother.


To be fair, I do find “Serverfinder” a better name.


Everyone has own preferences, I keep that name.


End of the week changes:

  • added Translations in Russian and Czech
    The translations are not yet 100% done, if you like to help, let me know.
  • added the new server side table, loads faster, especially on mobile devices
    If you find any sorting or search bugs let me know.
  • added currency switch (CAD,EUR,GBP,HUF,NOK,PLN,RON,RUB,SEK,USD,VND)
  • added
  • added AntiDDOS and SSD checkboxes


Last changes:

  • added Checkbox to show out of stock offers
  • added swedish translation
  • added german translation
  • added Italian translation
  • added 159 currencies, where you can select from
  • added price history feature
  • added city location info if available
  • fixed a few small bugs
  • removed static table view


Last changes:

  • updated the Hetzner filter, changed to Unlimited
  • updated the History feature, it now uses unique hashes instead of numbers to prevent issues
  • updated the search fields regex, to allow more letters
  • updated SGD $ to S$
  • added IP-Projects
  • added Leaseweb
  • fixed SYS UK
  • fixed, forcing v4 to skip v6 issues at Online
  • fixed Hivelocity, since they changed to there own api
  • fixed PoundHost
  • fixed QuickPacket storage detection
  • fixed Dedimax storage detection
  • fixed API sorting bug, related to SGD

Also, the limit has been moved up to 200EUR, since a few people requested it.


Spanish translation finished.


Its online:
Thanks for the Translation.

If you see any errors, you can correct them on crowdin.


Que bueno! Buen trabajo!


Gracias @imok


Thanks imok



I think I found a bug; not sure if this is just me, but when I sort by country, it returns a blank table. Could you check what’s going on @Neoon?