Introducing metaDedi - Dedicated Comparison Table

Everyone needs cheap dedis, so I decided to create metaDedi.
metaDedi is a comparison table from multiple providers, updated every 10 minutes.

So you can find easy a good deal, with a few clicks:
As usual, no tracking or ad’s.

In case you miss a deal, we have Discord + Email notifications available.
If you have any suggestions, or notice any errors, lemme know.



I love and hate you for this :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks great.

Would be cool if you had a scoring system, ie: MetaDediScore, where you’d factor in things such as reliability, how long the provider has been in business, real business or not, overall review ratings, uptime, etc.

PS: I know it’s asking a lot, especially for a website not using affiliate links.

On the scale of “Fartmother” to “$7”, I’d rate it a “debian, thx”.


Well, I think that you have enough variables, to find the best server on that list.
Like cheapest storage, best performance/price ratio, biggest memory for price, cheapest SSD dedi etc.

A rating system is planned, along with provider infos, and maybe a warning if the rating is to bad.
Providers that are scammers, are not going to be added, if that’s visible for me.

On the other side, I try to add as many providers as possible, so we can add new providers every week and some of them may no have a good uptime like for example OVH.
But you still got google to check for reviews.

A few changes since my last post:

fixed Kimsufi/SYS BHS bug
added price per GB in memory
added Scrolling up when a different page is selected on the paginator
added Scaleway (bare metal)
added ServerStadium
added Dacentec
added JoesDatacenter
added OVH
added Search in each column
added SSD keyword
updated Hetzner notifcations are muted on Discord, due to many changes.

Bug report :slight_smile:

Looks like we are over your intended budget range for the site, but if not here is our csv;

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Thanks for the Report, I will look into the issue.
I had some other stuff todo this week, I will fix it in the following days.

Weekly update:

updated, Muted Scaleway notifications in Discord, due to many stock changes.
fixed, Terrahost: budget servers were not listed anymore due to API change
fixed DrServer: all servers were listed, even those that were not in stock because the tables structure was changed.
fixed JoesDatacenter: fixed a bug in the filter class
fixed Fusa: ^
fixed ServerOffer: The memory was not correctly grabbed for 1 server. thanks vovler
added About =>
added PoundHost

I signed up to receive notifications on the latest deal and it works great! only problem is I still miss out on the deal :frowning:

Because its not a real restock, they just put sometimes only 1 server back into stock. I guess from refunds or something like that.

I can tell you, that a lot of people are waiting on this list, so yea, you gonna be fast.

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Late Weekly update:

  • added fallback from Kimsufi/SYS to US if IE shows out of stock but CA does not.
  • added stock detection to PoundHost, apparently they show out of stock servers
  • changed the style of the notification page and updated some icons
  • changed the style of the provider page
  • changed SSD/NVMe to SSD avail., as displayed on the page, due to shitstorm on discord
  • changed email notifications text
  • fixed a error, in a filter that should filter double entries, but got bypassed sometimes
  • fixed JoesDatacenter filter, since they changed the table structure

I will add more providers next week, currently I am busy with destinyCDN.


Weekly update:

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Just joined the Discord server. Awesomesauce. Thank you @Neoon!!!

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Weekly update:

  • fixed A bug inside the RSS feed, which always displayed (…) SSD instead of (…) HDD
  • fixed SoYouStart, since they changed the layout
  • fixed The missing SSD detection at SKB Enterprise
  • added new SoYouStart locations (FRA/WAW)
  • added A hide columns button
  • added Transparency =>
  • added Provider to JSON API
  • added Hivelocity
  • added GTHost

nova, ay? Nice :slight_smile:

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The shaking hands emoji on the about page is pretty slick. I dig it lol

I like the new name :smiley: