How do you handle documentation?

Which tools are you using to document what is running on your VPSes, the weird config you put in place, how everything is working together, etc.?

Are you using a wiki, a .txt document on your desktop, pen&paper, your good ol’ memory,… ?

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Mostly memory, unfortunately it’s quite ineffective.

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I use OneNote.

I’ve been using a mix of OneNote and Excel at the moment, but it’s far from ideal.


and like @Aidan, memory. Though my memory is fucking terrible so I really need to consider a different method :stuck_out_tongue:

Txt files with the server name. And lots of drafts in the emails.

Evernote. But I need something new.

Spreadsheets for everything setup and implemented, IMAP for the rest.

Notepad++, text files in KeePass, bit of OneNote too

How I determine what is running on my servers:

  • Step 1: SSH into server
  • Step 2: halt
  • Step 3: Figure out what went down (and then you’ll know what that server is hosting!)
  • Step 4: Boot the stupid thing back up
  • Step 5: Rinse and repeat

Plain iCloud Notes synced to all my devices. I don’t need anything more complicated.

Good old fashioned leather bound notebooks to write down various tweaks, hacks and other odd ideas in place. The actual files, however, get stored and synced across various devices through google drive.

This thread has inspired me to start an internal wiki for work! We can finally move off of Google Drive + Google Docs lol


Not really for work but for everything I needed to look up at some point or found useful:


I did asked once, do you have a Documentation? No.

Totally rocking a text file stuck in Google drive with how I set up this or that.

I have a hybrid of docs, spreadsheets, and scripts which double as documents, because when I’m lazy I can just sh filename and ignore the comment lines.

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Sheets sheets sheets. I have so many sheets you could make a xzibit meme about it

Here’s how it goes.

1st thought: I should make a note out of this.
2nd thought: Nha, I’ll remember it
…a while goes by
I’m… F*… I shuld have made a note out of it.

Sometimes I have a word file named “instructions” within a specific project folder. Most of the times I won’t.
I’ve been thinking on having some kind of documentation script up for my own usage, but having that script up wont’ solve my real problem… which is being too lazy to make notes.

Folder (w/ cloud sync) full of notes edited in Notepad++. Its not perfect but its surprisingly good for scripts and notes that go together.