HostBalls Sticker Giveaway! 10 Members Will Win Some RAD Stickers!

A few weeks ago I ordered some HostBalls stickers, because why the hell not!? I’ll be offering the stickers up for sale soon (at-cost pricing to cover postage and sticker cost), but in the mean time I’m offering a chance to win some stickers for free! :slight_smile:

Comment below if you’d like a shot at winning. Entries will be accepted until 10am EST (3pm UTC) on Sunday, 3-Mar. After that time, a RNG will select the 10 winners. I’ll be covering the cost of postage for this round. Each winner will receive 2 stickers to slap wherever the heck you’d like!

Countdown Timer For Giveaway Entry

Good luck and Happy HostBalling!

Quick Note: If you comment in this thread, but don’t want to be entered, please explicitly indicate that you don’t wish to take part in the drawing or else you’ll be entered :slight_smile:


Count me in! :slight_smile:

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I like the dark theme of those.


Couldn’t decide on a lighter-dark theme or a darker-light theme, so I decided to go with a darker-dark theme :wink:

Disregard the above ramblings of a madman.


I’m in too. Always love stickers, and Hostballs!

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I’ll slap it on my laptop and make everyone wonder wtf is HostBalls


Yes please!


I like :wink:

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I’m in! :slight_smile:

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No. Thank you. Cheers.


me too thanks

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“No” I do not want stickers because I will not enjoy those so much, while not letting someone else enjoy them better, just because I would have won instead of them. Therefore, I would rather let other community member enjoy these stickers instead of me. I am also a complete psycho…whatever, hence why I replied to this thread appreciating this giveaway with a “thank you”. Logo is with 2 beers, so… Cheers!


Gib sticker.
Me too thanks.


Got it, thank you! As a fellow complete psycho, I commend your noble deed of passing the buck over to the next loyal HostBaller! Cheers, indeed! :smiley:

Where are the pink and purple ones?

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Got these printed up before our theming party occurred. Next batch might be a different theme :stuck_out_tongue:


Holy shit. I’m in.

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@Mason If you’d like, I can send you my tiny checkout app (written in PHP; supports Apple Pay, Stripe & PayPal) for free so you can sell your awesome stickers :slight_smile:

(It uses a tiny MariaDB database to store orders)

I’ll throw it on my GitHub later if anyone else wants to use it or smash some bugs!


Sure! I’l give it a shot!

Was planning on just posting a link and have people PM me their order details/address, but that might work better :slight_smile:

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