HostBalls Sticker Giveaway! 10 Members Will Win Some RAD Stickers!


It basically pulls information off your PayPal confirmed address or the address used for Apple Pay. Since it uses Stripe, it’s pretty easy to add Android Pay as well.

I’ve been using it for donations for a bit but it was intended to be flexible from the start. That said, once you click through and add your items, you’ll see something like this:


I like stickers. Very nice.


Ooh the sticker would look good next to my FlowVPS sticker :smiley:




Hi :smile:
Thanks for doing this, meloves stickers



I’ll PM you shortly once it’s uploaded!


I never receive stickers so it’s a no from me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll print stickers for my business too :smiley:


Is this logo trademarked? Is it allowed to have a tattoo with this logo?


We’re only permitting the logo to be tattooed as a tramp stamp at this point in time. Any other body region is strictly forbidden.


<insert Shameless post for entry>




Mos def!


Oooh those look fancy!
I’m sure I could find some more space on my laptop for one of those :wink:


Welp, I guess this is a good time to post for this first time. :sweat_smile:


Who wouldn’t want one? : p


Pick me, pick me oh great RND


@Mason Is shipping flat rate or do you want it to be dynamic based off ex. USPS’ pricing?

Edit (demo is almost done):


We’ll pick this up I’m a PM :slight_smile:


Slightly less than 24 hours to get your comments in to be entered in the giveaway drawing!


That’d be lovely :wink: