HIVELOCITY- Black Friday Data Center Plinko Streamed Live All Week Long!


Hivelocity provides dedicated servers, colocation and cloud hosting solutions to customers from over 130 countries since 2002. Our World Class Technical Support Team works on-prem, inside our data centers 24/7/365 and is available to you via phone, live chat and support tickets. Answers are instant and resolutions take minutes, not hours and not days like the other guys. We deploy thousands of new servers and solutions every year for our customers around the world. Let us show you why the Hivelocity way is different and better than what the rest of the industry provides.

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Black Friday Data Center Plinko Live Streaming Now!

  1. Black Friday deals all week long
  2. Purchase your new dedicated server
  3. Moments later watch our live stream to see what Bonus Prize you Win!


Ha! love it!
Who’s the guy listening to the jamp and selling illegal shirts on the stand?


I like the whole idea of live streaming. What’s more interesting is that someone have to stay there 24/7 to handle the lucky draw when someone rent a server. Me myself can’t work under the pressure of being monitored lol.


That is me! Jamming out to Pandora. Slinging shirts and servers!


Strip comming next?
Wait a sec, maybe my colleague can send you the $1 tip via PayPal… but she’ll need to see some serious flesh haha




You’re not the first to ask. My self confidence is through the roof right now.

By the way, the big announcement I teased yesterday has nothing to do with Black Friday or this Live Stream.


Damn… I’m getting more curious now!
Gotta say, just for the fact that you willing to go along with this feed idea… already sets you apart from everyone else. Kudos for the effort.


You spend half your damn life working, you better find ways to make it fun and enjoy it.

Radiohead, MGMT and AltJ are the last 3 on my Pandora. You try not to bob your head.


Haha <3



Oooo, I want to buy something, just so I could command you to «dance, little puppet!»
Too bad I don’t need anything now…


It might be a few days or even next week. We have some details to work out before we can make it public. I promise we are working hard on that. This holiday week is not ideal since some of our key staff members are off.


Life is hard in the datacenter. Also really wishing I had photoshop on me right now instead of this stupid “photos pro” software.


Let’s see, will this be a good fit for meme


Which one of you is Peter? :laughing:
Could snap this print screen just before he won the 250$ prize


Dude won $350 in credit! Landed in the $100 and the $250 slots as he must have ordered two servers. Lucky guy!


oh god, what are you sickos going to have that grease board say :rofl: