HIVELOCITY- Black Friday Data Center Plinko Streamed Live All Week Long!


WOW, Steve is really jamming away hardcore.


Clearly jamming to Taylor Swift after @jarland’s comment







Haha! Oh poor Steve @Hivelocity


“Don’t WHT your dreams be dreams!” just doesn’t have the same ring to it :smiley:


is that even true?


Of course not, it’s a meme haha.


:sweat_smile::joy::joy: Can I say this forum is LOT more friendlier than WHT. Why didn’t I find this a while back?!


Glad that you’re enjoying it here! @jarland has built a wonderful and welcoming community here :heart:


What’s your budget and location?

Ohh sorry, wrong forum… :zipper_mouth_face:



We are back live. Poor Brian is standing in for me until around 1pm. Go easy on him.


Looks like Steve has returned, and he’s really into that Pandora.


@HIVELOCITY - looks like someone’s one-upped your dance moves. Looking forward to seeing the live streamed Hivelocity dance-off! :smiley:


Surprised I didn’t see this thread until now. Hahaha. I used to be a Hivelocity customer (2010 until 2013)… This thread makes me want to go back. Really enjoyed the service, I was just paying too much. I moved from a $70 per month dedicated server to a $15 per month VPS that actually ended up being faster than the aging dedi I had.