Hivelocity Acquires Dallas IaaS Provider,


Here is a pic of beloved Ryan and a Senior Network Engineer at Hivelocity, Dan, taken a few weeks ago while we were in Dallas visiting Incero’s facility and working through due diligence. Dan is also beloved you just don’t know it yet. IMG_2518


Good to talk to you today Steve. I have no doubt that everything is in the right hands. Look forward with continuing to grow in Dallas.


They are blocking the view towards the racks.



Don’t any of you guys/gals answer your phones? :slight_smile:
All week I have been calling our new Incero customers and 9 out of 10 times I get your voicemail. Anyway, little by little I am working through the list and will continue to reach out next week. If anyone wants to have a call and dont want to wait for me to arbitrarily get to your name on the list, ping me here and I will do what I can to call you right away.


Those stopped being for phone calls long ago :smiley:


Call me, I have a broken soul right now and I want to talk about my live problems.

I thought this was The ball pit :sweat_smile:


So true. Should I be snap chatting everyone then?


Congratulations again @Hivelocity! Really excited with these news!




I’ve tried calling people a few times, didn’t go well. Apparently people like to be left alone with their $10/month VPS. Even my higher paying customers didn’t appreciate it very much.


What happened to Seattle and the other location of them?


Incero had 3 locations, Dallas, Seattle and New York. Dallas and Seattle are both new markets for Hivelocity. We already have a presence in New York. We intend to keep and grow all 3 of these markets. We are in the process of developing each of these locations by adding our global commit carriers to the mix, privately connecting them to our LA, MIA, TPA and ATL data centers, setting up our DDoS protection systems and more. Our new customers should already be seeing improved ticket response times after hours and on weekends. The days of waiting hours for a response to an issue in the middle of the night are over. We have a long ways to go before the full Hivelocity experience is in place but we are certainly taking steps forward each day already. I have said it before but I will say it again, if you liked what you got from Incero previously that is fantastic…but I promise you the experience is about to get a whole lot better.


Idk what make me want to try your services badly(good marketing helps as I’ve not only seen you in big forums but maybe in every remarketing campaign you could have possibly bid on haha well done :slight_smile: )
Cannot at the time being as I’m quite tight on my budget but all those big east coast dcs, those so properly addressed replies and that professionalism that we can see via providers that make use of your facilities ( like secure dragon lovely Uptime and snappiness to latam)

I guess you are doing “something” good hah.
Well done!!


Let me know when you have a little bit of money together. I am sure I can work something out for a baller on a budget.


It’s all the spam calls that make me not answer calls I’m not expecting


RoboKiller turns those into a hilarious game.


I hear ya. I rarely answer my phone if these days if I dont recognize the number. We are calling from the 813 area code so if you see that one coming in and do want to talk grab it. If not, no big deal…just saying hi.


congrats @HIVELOCITY it is an interesting turn of events and in a good way !!!


Thank you. Appreciate that.