Hivelocity Acquires Dallas IaaS Provider,

Hivelocity (, a leading provider of dedicated servers, cloud hosting, colocation and managed services, today announced the acquisition of, a Texas based IaaS provider with data centers in Dallas, Seattle and New York City.

“We are very excited to bring the Hivelocity experience to all of our new customers. Our customer centric focus is what continues to foster our growth and what allows us to do things like we accomplished today. I hope our customers, new and old, are just as excited as we are about today’s news. Every one of our customers will benefit from the addition of our 9th, 10th and 11th data centers in what is now 7 highly strategic domestic markets,” said Hivelocity COO, Steve Eschweiler. “Soon, our new data centers in Dallas, Seattle and New York will be privately connected to our other data centers in Los Angeles, Miami, Tampa, Atlanta and New York City. This private connectivity between all of our data centers gives us the ability to maximize network performance and allows our customers to exchange data between geo-diverse solutions free, fast and securely. Our new customers from Incero will now have services previously unavailable to them like Private Cloud, Rapid Restore, Managed Services and the ability to instantly deploy Bare-Metal in more than twice as many markets as before.”

Incero was founded in 2008 and quickly gained traction with aggressive pricing coupled with a no-nonsense approach to self-managed bare-metal. “We think our new customers from Incero will be thrilled when they see what Hivelocity brings to the table for them. Our pricing aligns with what they are accustomed to from Incero, but our scale allows us to offer them a great deal more in both solutions and customer service. Hivelocity has made exceptional customer service and technical support the foundation of its business since 2002. Our objective is to exceed our customer’s expectations every time we interact with them. Over the next few months our goal is to improve upon everything they have already enjoyed at Incero previously. We aim to improve their network, their support experience and give them more options to most effectively operate their online presence.”

Hivelocity provides high-performance data center services to thousands of customers from over 130 countries since 2002. Hivelocity boasts a Net Promotor Score of 81 which signifies a world-class level of customer service. In 2017, Hivelocity completed the acquisition of RackAlley, an IaaS provider headquartered in Los Angeles. Both acquisitions have been privately funded allowing Hivelocity to continue operating with only the customer’s best interests in mind.

For more information about Hivelocity you can visit them at


I had no idea that @HIVELOCITY had been around that long! Congratulations on the aquisition!


Congrats guys!


Well, this is quite the unexpected turn of events.

Let’s hope it’ll be for the best.

Really unexpected.

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Woah! I’m speechless.

Good luck with the transition @HIVELOCITY + @Ryan! Two stellar companies coming together for world domination.


Should we grab the cheap servers right now before they go above the clouds?

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Cool. Cool cool cool.

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Will Incero servers’ pricing remain the same after this? @HIVELOCITY

We have no plans of changing anyone’s current pricing and are working through some options on integrating how they price servers into our future offerings. We will keep everyone apprised as things progress. In the meantime, it is business as usual for both companies.


I, for one, couldn’t be happier for everyone involved. Whatever happens to Ryan happens to me, and vice versa. We is family. I know this is a great move for him, for Gordon, for Hivelocity, and for customers of both companies. Both Incero and Hivelocity have weaknesses that the other compensates for, and growing the two brands together to merge the strengths from each one into the weak points for the other will have Hivelocity moving forward as a brand to be reckoned with.

Here’s to a hell of a 2019.


How will LET and the Incero drama end up with this acquisition?

Congrats to everyone involved. :tada:

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Shouldn’t be an issue. From what I can tell Hivelocity are good people and if they’re controlling the day to day I don’t forsee any issues like there have been in the past.

Congrats to the Hivelocity team!

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Let… let it be

It sounds good, somehow. I now Hivelocity provides an excellent service and I have always wanted to be one of their customers and live my life in peace (that’s the idea I have from them). But it makes me afraid that SpeedyKVM or autoservers (at that price) will disappear.

To be honest I’m just a SpeedyKVM customer (a cheap one), but it is good to know there are powerful machines at hand with low prices AND for production use (talking about autoservers). Hivelocity will take that off for sure.

Long live for SpeedyKVM and 1TB storage for $2.67/m!

I feel I need to get back to the English classes.

Congrats @HIVELOCITY & @Ryan

I’m a happy camper as long as the first bullet on my welcome emails stays true and the uptime continues (Think we’re over 2 years of 100% power and near 100% network). Already had my eye on some Hivelocity boxes for work because Incero is pricey outside of Dallas, and this should make things easier :slight_smile:


Holy balls.


Going on 32 months up time with a server at Incero, keep that type of service up and all will be good Hivelocity.


Congrats! Simply the best :slight_smile: