Hetzner BX10 Free with Dedicated Server?


Same for me! I guess this is something they’re now offering for free? :smiley: @Hetzner_OL

That would be… Amazing! :slight_smile:

Customers with dedicated root servers with prices at or higher than € 39.00 a month can get the BX10 with 100 GB free of cost (excl. VAT).

My AX41-NVMe is only 34/month, so I don’t think I get it for free.

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Hmm, I’m definitely getting it for free and also have the AX41-NVMe.

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FSN is 39, so it probably qualifies, but HEL (34) won’t.


AX41-NVMe is €39/m in Falkenstein (FSN), but only €34/m in Helsinki (HEL).


Ah, I see. I am in HEL (Quicker Setup Time)

Makes sense, mine is in FSN :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also a member of AX41 in FSN club and see it. Haven’t looked into it yet, I’ve got a bunch of backup servers already, but it’s a nice feature

Hi guys, Yes, many models at a certain price range now include a Storage Box for you to use to make backups of your dedicated root server. Less expensive models do not include a free Storage Box. However, I believe the 100 GB Storage Box is €2.90 without VAT, so if you really need one, and it’s not included, you can order one and it won’t break the bank.
If you are not yet familiar with our Storage Boxes, here’s an overview in our wiki: https://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Storage_Boxes/en --Katie


Yeah it’s free :stuck_out_tongue: i ordered like 10 of them :grin:

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Safely assuming,1 per active servers?

@SERIESN - Yes, I believe each separate dedicated root server that qualifies for this will come with a Storage Box. :slight_smile: --Katie

Seems like my server includes the space for free as well! :slight_smile:


Just an update here - the BX10 as backup space is included with all of our new dedicated server models. For the Auction servers, the BX10 is included in all servers with the German price of €46.18 (with 19% VAT). Without VAT, I think this is €39. Right now that means all SB47 models or higher. We use the German price for setting the cutoff.
In the past we had separate Backup Space and Storage Box systems, but these merged earlier this year.
Here’s something to keep in mind: The BX10s that you get when you order a dedicated root server are bound to that server and will also be cancelled if you cancel the server. Here’s some more info on our Storage Boxes: https://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Storage_Boxes/en