Decent Laptops with Touch Screen For Drawing?

So the gf is looking for a laptop that has a decent touch screen as she likes to draw on it using some software and a touchpen. She is currently looking at the Surface Go… Now, we tested it in store and it really seems to have good (not really delayed) feedback when drawing but the specs at that price point make me cringe so I thought I’d ask if someone knows any mentionable alternatives? Anyway, maybe that’s just me expecting too much so yeah^^

Surface Go is priced at: ~400€ + ~60€ Type Cover + ~70€ Pen

Budget is probably 600-700€

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Get her an iPad Pro


Also needs to act as a University laptop at the same time. No matter how decent an iPad may be. As of the latest reviews I heard about it, it still doesn’t replace a laptop.

Honestly, this. If she just needs a laptop for a word processor and/or browser etc. then an iPad would genuinely suffice.

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Nothing beats an iPad Pro for drawing

Drawing on a laptop is not comfy anyway, too thick and too heavy

That’s not true, but an iPad Pro is definitely one of the best choices for drawing.

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Non pro iPad is fast enough, but you get a gap between pen and sensor layer, so it feels distant and unnatural. With the Pro you get a direct feel that’s unsurpassed for the price

Needs to be a Laptop though as it also needs to work for University and run some Windows programs. iPad doesn’t replace a laptop (yet) afaik. Also her drawing software runs on Windows.

iPad Pro compared with market leader Cintiq

Why doesn’t she buy herself a drawing pad, though? I’m no expert but from what I gathered those are far more accurate than any touchscreen.

Hope you got cash.

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I believe she has one from Wacom which lets her draw on it when connected to any PC but wants to switch to touchscreen. Idk.

Women… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m afraid there isn’t much in her budget though. The surface Go is an amazing device, albeit overpriced. But chances are your girlfriend wants something very similar to the Surface and there just isn’t much apart from some Chinese stuff that doesn’t come remotely close.

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I’ve got a Wacom Cintiq 13HD. They’re expensive as fuck, but they’re great. An iPad Pro is a very close second (in my opinion).

Fair enough. That’s more or less what my own research was getting at. It seems like most people separate drawing and a good value laptop. Drawing being an iPad thing, a good value laptop being smth else. Anyway thanks for all the comments so far. I’ll have a look at some Lenovo/Medion with touch support but don’t suppose they’ll be better, really.
It’s a bit like with some clients I’ve had. You get an order, he tells you he needs 20k IPs for SEO, and you gotta make the best outa it.

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Interesting, would still need to use a different drawing software though I believe.

Nope, not in her budget. Laptops often have a touchscreen as a secondary source of input, the Surface has it as a primary source. A second source of input often has to come in cheap… Multi finger support, for example, likely won’t be supported on the cheap Lenovo / Medion models.


Gotcha! Gonna check out some YouTube videos but looks like it’s gonna be the surface then.

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good luck

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