Datacenters allowing own nameservers for rDNS

Uptill now, I was using OVH SCALE servers and HETZNER AX servers for provisioning VMs. However, Proxmox, SolusIO or Virtualizor does not have any API integrations with these provider’s API but however have DNS management. I am about to setup a new node as the existing are almost full.

I was wondering are there any good TIER-4 datacenters which allow changing nameservers for an IP Subnet we rent. Any recommendations?

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I thought that you set rDNS with the people you rent the IPs from. Does the datacenter matter?

If you are renting the IPs from a third-party, the third-party should be able to change the reverse DNS to point to your DNS servers. If you’re renting the IPs from the data center, you’d have to ask the data center if they can update reverse DNS to point to your nameservers.

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For your info, that’s only when it’s your BGP and you have LOA. While renting from a DC, the DC has the final say. Hetzner does allow changing nameservers but only to subnets. I have old /27 subnets which run on my nameservers but I just cannot buy new IPs on Hetzner anymore, it’s 19Euro setup X 30 which kills the whole mood @Hetzner_OL ! :sweat_smile:


That makes sense. For some reason, I thought that you were already renting this subnet and were looking for a DC.