So it seems that Cyberpanel is being praised in LET.

Are any of you using it for real? Or just as a playground?

Until a bunch of well known providers start using it, it’s just a playground in my books.

Doesn’t mean I don’t want to succeed though. If anything, this industry needs more solid control panels to choose from (web hosting, vps, or otherwise).

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But are you playing with it?
Would you compare it with Virtualmin?

Nope. Honestly, I’ve never used any web control panels as I enjoy doing everything manually. Though if I were to pick one and roll with it I’d probably use centminmod (although that’d force me to use dreaded CentOS :stuck_out_tongue:)

I was not aware of Centimin Mod, but for CentOS, looks kinda of good.

what’s wrong with CentOS - my fav OS :laughing::yum:

I am biased as Centmin Mod LEMP stack is my baby and has better performance than any other Nginx distribution out there :wink: :sunglasses:

But LiteSpeed/OpenLiteSpeed is excellent web server and I have plans to integrate them into Centmin Mod stack too eventually :slight_smile:

As to CyberPanel tried it once quite nice though admin GUI was slow and some tasks will be slower i.e. try create 30 web sites via admin gui + mysql databases versus pure command line approach in Centmin Mod which is faster

When I have time will revisit HTTP/2 HTTPS benchmarks with Centmin Mod Nginx vs OpenLiteSpeed - just like I did for Caddy HTTP/2 benchmarks


Not that competition is bad, but I really don’t understand companies trying to develop and market a new panel for web hosting. WHM is massive, and (in my opinion) flawless - it is miles ahead in terms of development and support compared to other panels like Virtualizor or SolusVM. I feel like it would be tremendously difficult to create something that could rival that. I think any company would be much better off trying to tackle VM, reseller, domain, or any other niche for their new panels, rather than web hosting.

Fun fact: Every major web hosting company in the Czech Republic has its own unique web hosting panel. For some reason, things like cPanel or Plesk are a thing unknown here.

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Burning a bunch of cash into development must be some kind of fetish

Burning cash at $1/hour isn’t too painful :stuck_out_tongue:


Instead 20h of development, get a cpanel license and save youself from a bunch of headaches and support tickets. But yeah… They are probably underpaid :expressionless:

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Damn it has come along a good bit. Definitely looks to be capable of standing on it’s own, if it’s coded well enough at least. Mail server and all, seems to be the full package.

The guy seems to be putting a lot of effort into it. Makes me wonder because theres (that I know of) zero indication of it turning commercial.

I love open source products as much as everyone else, but the fact that developers need to eat… Bugs me.

And I don’t see anyone contributing their time into it… So it’s not like theres a huge community pitching in.
What I see in LET is a lot of people asking this guy to work for free… And that more often that not, doesn’t end well.

I hope I’m mistaken.


The guy works for Litespeed and I think one more way to promote Litespeed Enterprise, and a great one. Its like: “See OLS is this good, imagine if your clients could use it too, woudnt they be happy?”

One more way to promote Litespeed Enterprise

Except the panel is base on the open version, not enterprise.

CentOS WebPanel isn’t worth going with right now. I moved from it to Vesta. I love CentOS, just not the WebPanel implementation.

I really like Webmin/Virtualmin myself.

Yes, i mentioned OLS (openlitespeed) and the enterprise version, and one of the advantages of one vs another. Performance is the same.

That is crazy.

I’ve been messing around with multiple control panels recently. Does anyone have a preference between Cyber Panel and VestaCP? They both have strong points for me, but I can’t seem to make a decision. Just wondered what you guys thought about them :slight_smile: