cPanel Solo License Reseller?

A client of mine is looking for cpanel solo license,
I noticed that buycpanel is selling cpanel + whm for the same price.
Is there a way to get the solo license for cheaper price too?

I can’t see an option for solo on internal licenses on our account so the answer is likely no.

Consider Webmin

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Webmin I agree is worth having a look. But ZPanel similar to Sentora seems just like another interesting free panel that has been abondened. If you check the latest commits of ZPanel the first thing I wonder is if security is still being maintained. I’d rather recommend giving ISPconfig (free, active community, devs and lead admin) or HestiaCP (Vesta Fork by some folks @Falzo trusts) a go.

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Cockpit then ?

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Never used it but have heard good feedback regarding it. Also is probably more maintained than ZPanel at this rate. I’d recommend OP just try some out and see what works best. That being said since it’s a client of @Shu could be that the client is not tech savy and anything else but cPanel turns him away.

if you run on CentOS, this one is pretty good

it has an autofix option, if you f*ck up, it helps a lot.

if you don’t need all Webmin and Cpanel bells and whistles, try Froxlor

Open source too, and actively maintained.

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CWP looks a bit bloated at times but still not a bad panel per sé. The reason I never used it is that I’m a Debian/Ubuntu guy.

me too


a couple of good alternatives around…

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Honestly i know of these alternatives and I personally use centminmod but this client is one of those money spending and no brain machine. He thinks he NEEDS cpanel

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many do

Froxlor and it’s community are just awesome (check their forum)

Centmin and Webmin just work very well, it’s not like they started last week. Solid.

It’s the same with Apache junkies, as if there’s no Lighttpd, NGINX or Litespeed around.

You were warned.

ISPConfig is a really nice panel, can wholly recommend.

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I came to say this. Vesta is Cancer. About 3 times a year I have to shut down some poor schmuck who is packeting or doing something else illegal because their Vesta installation has been compromised. It’s always the same guy. Multiplied by a bajillion.

ISPconfig and Webmin for the win

Why you people are still recommending other panels when he has told you he NEEDS cPanel? :laughing:

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This place is full of nerds, not marketing droids.

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‘That’s because you write PHP.’
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‘You should have known that when you started walking. Do some due diligence!’

That said, I haven’t found a single cheaper way of obtaining CPanel, but I also abhor it, so…


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