Cloud storage for personal stuff (photos, documents etc)


My friend have more than 50tb porns inside his gsuite. :joy::joy:


Good thing Google haven’t flagged them yet. I think I read articles before with users (I think they were porn stars) alleging that their media were deleted due to racy content.


After adding to your drive, create a copy of it and delete the file that takes no space. The copy will now take space and actually be in your account.


Nice :sunglasses: That bit would take a while haha.


Sharing is caring ( idk someone sale that) lol


I’m always more than happy to share my content :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m just feeling a fool since I’m xfering content from my own g drive which has my sisters wedding pics to my mom’s and I did the jerks route since I’ve feared what @Wolveix suggested it may happen ( if for some reason the upgraded storage would not get update then the files would get lost).
Thing is I’d rather make it be a bit more harsh / time consuming than risking my arse to lose the stuff.
So my vote goes to Google.
They already had my stuff ( face recognition etc etc before I could have considered myself a bit more aware of privacy)


Google is a privacy nightmare.


Personally, I don’t overly care. I care about privacy as a whole and use a VPN for most devices and disable location tracking on everything (partially to preserve battery), but I think some people are a bit over the top. Some people use alternative services to those offered by Google, but I’ve found the alternatives to be incredibly lacking in comparison. I have a lot of respect for companies who are actively trying to change privacy standards for consumers as a whole though.


Oddly enough, my phone keeps turning it on, and I’ve heard the same from other people.


SyS = SoYouStart? :slight_smile:
As in (none in stock it seems)
Good experience with them? (Stability/support/performance)


They get in stock one/twice a week for about 10 minutes.


Yep! I love it. The performance isn’t going to set the world on fire, but it’s good enough. Support is ok. It is worth doing a custom kernel to fix network issues, but for the money it’s well worth it. It’s been really stable


I’ve been happily running NextCloud on a Hetzner auction dedi.

Wife is using Mac and iOS clients and I’m using Windows and Android clients. It’s been stable and performance has been good enough for our needs.

I looked at their hosted NextCloud solution, but I like the flexibility of running my own setup and backups, etc


Just for testing purposes I tried syncing 4 GB of photos from my phone using the NextCloud app to a NC installation on a shared web host at
It worked pretty well, except two .mov videos that it claimed could not be found … (Also when I tried manual upload of those videos.) :thinking:

On an unrelated note, tried checking Trustpilot reviews, but they seem quite misleading, giving Dropbox 1 star, for example … :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

#56 has some interesting HDD/RAID5 based offers.
IIRC some recommended Wishosting in another thread …
Not sure about backup of those instances, though … :thinking::sunglasses:


From their TOS:

Wishosting does not take backups of client VPS data. Customers are fully responsible for backups of their data in case of data loss. Thus customers are encouraged to do regular backups of their data.


I’ve taken a fun approach: Demand privacy for everyone else, opt out of it for myself (for everything but private keys of course, but keep those off the internet). In this age, one mistake can cost you everything even decades later. The best secret is the one you never had to have. BUT… protect the secrets of everyone else as though your life depends on it, and understand that they have reasons that I have no business knowing.


Really? Crikey. Be useful if they offered a “notify me” service.


There is a website that does that for you, but Idon’t remember the URL. But I bet someone in this forum knows it by heart.