Cloud storage for personal stuff (photos, documents etc)

Hi guys! :wave:
Considering options on personal cloud storage needs.

I’m currently in need of somewhere in between 2-500 GB of storage (need to move away from Flickr + consolidate smaller free cloud services into one). I guess it might grow beyond 500 GB in a year or three …

I could use my own NextCloud, or NextCloud or StorageBox from Hetzner, but I could also go with pCloud or or something similar. Not sure if this is the right forum, but I guess you guys might have useful suggestions and interesting opinions. :slight_smile:

The benefit of using NC or pCloud/, would be the mobile apps for auto-uploading photos from cell phones etc. (And sync clients for laptop/desktops.) And it makes sense for me to not mix my personal files into services/disk space I’m using for clients on different VPS’es and shared webhosts. :sunglasses:

Trying a poll: :smile:

  • Hetzner StorageBox
  • Hetzner/other NextCloud
  • Just stick with Flickr/SmugMug for photos
  • Google
  • Dropbox
  • Apple iCloud
  • iDisk
  • Other (please elaborate in comments)

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You can pretty much use it for whatever (less streaming), comes with 1Tb storage + Office 365 (online & offline) for $70/year.

I think its an awesome offer, and I’ve been using it for years on my cells, office and home.

Yes, I should have OneDrive included in poll. (I don’t really need Office, though.) :slight_smile:

Consider office 365 a perk.
1Tb for $70/year is $5.8 per month, on a prime service (with all due respect to every provider in here).

True. Also considering pCloud 2 TB lifetime EUR 350.

yeah… 2Tb + Lifetime kind of scares me. For some people the meaning of life is short :wink:

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IIRC Google gives you unlimited storage for photos (they may downgrade the quality, though). Not sure if that’s still a thing or not.

I personally wouldn’t use a file sync (i.e. nextcloud/dropbox) since I wouldn’t want to have to sync 500+GB of files.


Continuing this, I’ve tried using NextCloud for active file use before and honestly I didn’t have a great experience. Not saying that you won’t either, just giving my experience :slight_smile:

In your shoes, I would just sign up for GSuite Business (tier 2) for unlimited storage at £6.60/m / $10/m. It’s what I do and the experience has been fantastic.

I have over 500GB of files in Onedrive.
Here’s how I deal with it. My office desktop syncs every bit (Where I have several TBs of available storage anyway), my desktop only syncs what I need. Which is whatever I’m working on at the moment.

Onedrive did add some neat feature, which is that you’ll see the file in your computer but it’s not really there, it only downloads the file if you decide to use it. And it works pretty darn well, for instance the other day I wanted to upload a file to a vps, I only noticed it was not in the desktop when I dragged it to the ftp window (filezilla) and a notice came up that it was being downloaded, then it was immediately uploaded via filezilla without me having to do anything.

Similar functionality to an RClone mount. Nice! I wish Google offered this functionality natively, but I’m happy to just use RClone in the meantime haha.

If it lasts for >5 years, it’s not bad … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

pCloud and Sync also has selective sync. Google Photos are nice, but free version compresses every image >16 MB, IIRC. Still very nice. Was kinda thinking I would keep all photos both in Google Photos’ free version and also backed up in full resolution somewhere :slight_smile:

As long as you get a heads up to backup your lifetime backup storage to somewhere else :wink:

Something like Backblaze B2 could also be interesting, but like OneDrive, it’s not very Linux friendly. And it’s also not very flexible for renaming/reorganizing, it’s more of a plain filing cabinet.

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Any reason not to use this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Why do you say that?

I sync to multiple devices and never had a problem renaming and reorganizing my files.

The thing I’d liek to have is the ability to sync more than one account. There’s some app out there that crosses that bridge but… ya know… trust issues.

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Office 365 vs Gsuite
is liek Apple vs Windows…

…a religion issue :smiley:

Oh, could be misread. This sentence was about Backblaze B2, not OneDrive.
AFAIK you have to delete and re-upload if you want to rename folder …

Not at all. In terms of storage, which is the main factor here, GSuite is easily the way to go considering it gives you unlimited storage for £6.60/$10/m.

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Seems to be 1 TB if your team is less than 5 users … (Maybe geographical differences, I’m in Norway. It’s listed at EUR 8)

Sorry, I should’ve mentioned. This is a limitation that has never been enforced. Google knows about it, it’s intentional. It’s been like it for years :slight_smile: